The College of Music and Fine Arts is pleased to announce several new degree programs this year. This fall, the college’s Department of Art and Design launched its Bachelor of Design degree. You may be familiar with traditional studio art – the goal of which is to invoke feelings or emotions, make you look, make you think and ask the meaning. Design is different in that it is meant to inform, to communicate, or solve a problem. Some of the simple design symbols that we are familiar with are right-turn only, no left turn, the big H for hospital. These are simple design symbols that we have become used to. But, design is even more than that. Sometimes it might inform the viewer in a very sophisticated and even erotic fashion. Also unlike studio art, designers have varied backgrounds. Some may be English majors or history or science majors. The point being that unlike the studio artist, designers may not necessarily have discovered their talent in art. We often think of design as a computer based profession, but that is not necessarily the whole story. Many designers work with a straightedge, compass and a pencil.; they are visual thinkers. So, I challenge you to explore the Bachelor of  Design degree offered by Loyola’s Department of Art and Design.

Also this fall, the college’s Music Industry Department announced two new degrees in Popular and Commercial Music, and Digital Filmmaking. With Popular and Commercial music, we hope to bridge Loyola’s strong programs in both classical and jazz studies. For years, students have asked about popular music training, now we have it. Digital filmmaking is a natural fit for New Orleans with the growth in the local film industry. Digital Filmmaking is an extension of what is happening in our city. Also, rolling up to the launching pad is a degree in theatre and music theatre. It’s in the final stages of approval and we are very, very confident that the Bachelor of Theatre and Musical Theatre will take off in the fall of 2015. Stay tuned!

This summer, the college is offering many new and exciting courses both online and on campus. Some of the titles include: The Art of Storytelling, Writing about Radiohead, Women in Music, the History of American Popular Music, Toys: Wood in Playful Form, Lovers and Clowns in Early Modern Italy, The 70’s: As Seen on TV, The History of New Orleans Music, and Jazz in American Culture. These are but a few of the exciting courses offered in the summer of 2015. See Loyola’s website for more exciting titles.

These are but a few of the exciting new degree programs and summer courses offered by Loyola’s College of Music and Fine Arts. Of course, we are still excited about the many traditional programs that the college is been known for such as theater, studio arts, music education, music therapy, jazz studies, performance and music industry. I invite you to come and explore your creative self in Loyola’s College of Music and Fine Arts.

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