Raven PMG is a company that specializes in design, production, fabrication and management of a wide range of event types. Prepared do everything, including, not only realization, but also conceptualization of ideas. The quickly growing team,with over 10 years of experience in the industry, has provided immersive experiences in sporting events, music festivals like Buku Music + Art Project, Hangout Festival and touring artists. Using the latest technology and avant-garde production techniques Raven PMG delivers on their project promises with consistency.

Raven PMG will be looking for a part-time employee for their company during this fair.

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CivicSource is the leading auctioneer of tax-distressed real estate. From tax sales to adjudicated property auctions, CivicSource digitizes due process compliance to ensure legally valid sales. They are innovators in online auctions, having been the first to host an online tax sale and the first to host a market-driven adjudicated property sale.

New Orleans based CivicSource has been recognized by Inc. Magazine’s 500|5000 as one of “America’s Fastest Growing Companies” and has been recognized as the one of the best places to work in New Orleans for the past five years, receiving the designation “Best Place to Work” in 2014. Since 2008, CivicSource has handled a total of $1.47 million in properties’ sale processes, more than 37,000 pieces of property sold, with more than 34,000 purchasers. Four hundred million dollars has been collected on behalf of clients.

Civic Source is looking for a Customer Service Representative to Assist customers with questions concerning their account balance and facilitate payments for customer accounts & and follow-up customer calls.

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CML&F CPA is an accounting firm that was established to provide efficient, expert solutions to business and individuals. They primarily work with services in taxation and business consulting, with addition to a plethora of specialty services catered to individual needs. Used to serving a wide variety of individuals, corporations, partnerships and non-profit organizations, CML&F are always keeping up to date with current accounting and tax laws that can affect individuals their clients. Their continuing mission is to serve all clients by providing the highest level of expertise and professionalism possible.

CML&F CPA is looking for an Intern that will be responsible for assist with accounting for and preparation of business & individual tax returns.

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CRI is one of the fastest-growing accounting firms in the U.S., offering services that range from financial advising, planning estates, properly managing property taxes, and formulating wealth management. The firm also provides auditing & attestation, accounting, tax, forensic accounting, consulting and investment banking services to businesses of all sizes. The firm employs more than 1,300 professionals with various background and specialties.  The firm has 46 locations around the country and is a member of PrimeGlobal, one of the largest global associations of independent accounting firms. CRI prides themselves on their focus on customer relations and customer service, which has helped to make them a leading CPA firm in the U.S.


CRI is looking for a Student Intern that will be required to provide assistance in preparing audit and tax work papers, compiling financial statements and supporting schedules, entering and analyzing data for computer applications, and preparing engagement correspondence.

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A number of fraudulent emails have been sent to Loyola University New Orleans students under the guise of offering some form of employment. The Career Development Center at Loyola University New Orleans encourages you to be cautious in all of your interactions with potential employers, whether or not you learned about them through the Career Development Center. If you receive a suspicious email, please contact the Career Development Center and we will be happy to help.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Do not provide anyone with your social security number, personal checking or banking information. This information is not needed for any step of the job search process.
  • Beware of ads that make outrageous claims, don’t specify job duties and don’t require that you send a resume. Legitimate employers are seeking candidates with specific skills, knowledge and education. Watch for ads, even for entry-level jobs, that use the phrase ‘no experience necessary,’ especially when there is a promise of big money.
  • ‘Work from home’ is not a job title. If it appears in the ad header, there’s a good chance it’s a come on. Scammers can rarely resist including it in the header — it’s the bait of their ‘hook’ as they fish for people to reel in.
  • Never agree to a wire transfer of any kind.
  • Do not give out personal information online or over the phone. Personal information such as height, eye color, ethnicity, etc. does not pertain to the job search.
  • Be sure the e-mail address to which you are sending information has the same domain name as the organization. For example, if applying to “Organization X,” the e-mail address should have “@Organization X” somewhere in the address. Be wary of sites/organizations where much of the information is “under construction.”
  • Research the organization to be sure that it is legitimate.
  • Do not cash or deposit a check into your account before doing any work. Job scammers sometimes ask that you deposit a check and forward the $ to a third party. Do not do this!
  • Be especially cautious when dealing with organizations outside of your own country.
  • Always use good judgment in ALL of your interactions with employers. The Career Development Center suggests that students request business references for unknown organizations before interviewing with them off campus.
  • Be cautious when posting your resume online. Research the site to learn if it is legitimate. If you are unsure, limit your contact information on the resume and use generic job titles if yours are unique.

Remember: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Loyola University New Orleans

Career Development Center

Danna Student Center 208



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You’ve made it to the end of another semester, but now what? Summer is a great time to relax and also to engage in some professional development. Below you’ll find 3 activities to make the most of your summer break.

1. Internships & Part-Time Jobs

Think you want to be a vet? Or go on tour with a rock band? Or run social media for a political campaign? The best way to learn more about careers is to gain experience in the field. Internships can be paid, unpaid, part-time, or full-time, and can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. You’ll get training and gain insight to the ins and outs of what those jobs look like on a daily basis. Internships and part-time jobs are a great investment into your professional future.

 2. Volunteering & Shadowing

If your summer is busy or you don’t have regular time that you can commit to a summer job or internship, consider seeking out volunteer opportunities. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about a career path and develop contacts for information, advice, and assistance in career planning and job searching.

 3. Market Yourself

Just as you should be doing you research on employers, they’re going to do their research on you. Think about cleaning up your social media presence or making certain accounts private. You can highlight your academic and professional accomplishments with a free LinkedIn profile too. It’s never too early to get started. Check out these tips to creating a great profile: Building a LinkedIn Profile.

For those incoming First Year students, explore the things you’re passionate about! You may have a road trip planned with your friends or family, or perhaps you plan on spending your time off relaxing at home. Either way, summer is a great opportunity to explore new things. Coach a little league team, volunteer at the local hospital, write some new songs with your band, or dig into that book you’ve wanted to read but didn’t have time to during the school year.

If you’re looking for a little guidance or aren’t sure what’s available near home, let us help! The Career Development Center is open all summer, Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:45pm. If you’re not in New Orleans, we can schedule an appointment over the phone or via Skype. To set up some time to chat, call 504-865-3860 and let us know what you’d like to speak about.

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Are you looking for more than just a job? Government and nonprofit employees impact lives, build community and create change.

Many of our students are looking for jobs and internships in social justice, education, service, and legal fields. The Career Development Center is proud to welcome 40 employers from these industries to the Danna Center for the first Government and Nonprofit Expo. The event will be held on February 2, 2017, from 12-2 pm, in the St. Charles Room. Students will have the opportunity to speak directly with recruiters about available positions in their field. Loyola students from ALL majors and years are welcome to attend. Dress is business casual. Resumes are encouraged.

Don’t know how to prepare for the fair?  The Career Development Center will host a Rapid Resume Review on Monday, January 30 and Tuesday, January 31 in Suite 208 of the Danna Center from 1-4pm. No RSVP needed. ALL Majors welcome.

See this handout for more information on how to prepare for a career fair.

Does your future hold a position with the government or a nonprofit? Find out on 2/2.


sampling of employers includes:

  • Audubon Nature Institute
  • City Year
  • Gulf Restoration Network
  • Louisiana Children’s Museum
  • New Orleans Business Alliance
  • U.S. Department of State

For the full list of participating employers check out our website. Contact the Career Development Center at career@loyno.edu or 504.865.3860  if you have any questions!

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Loyola University New Orleans alumni have recently embarked in full-time service with two Jesuit Volunteer organizations, Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) and JVC Northwest:

Volunteers with JVC:

  • Owen Connelly, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston, Houston, TX
  • Francesca Vaccaro, St. HOPE Public Schools, Sacramento, CA

Volunteers with JVC Northwest:

  • Veronica Morse, Catholic Community Services, Seattle, WA

As full-time volunteers with two Jesuit Volunteer organizations, these graduates commit to the dignity and well-being of all people, particularly those on the margins of society. Living a life rooted in a faith that does justice, each young person lives and serves within a reflective community alongside other Jesuit Volunteers (JVs).

Loyola University New Orleans graduates are some of the 148 JVC Northwest JV/AmeriCorps members serving in 25 Northwest communities, and 283 Jesuit Volunteers from JVC serving in 50 communities across the world.

JVs serve hundreds of thousands of people each year, addressing significant social issues including hunger and homelessness, poverty, domestic violence, end-of-life care, mental health, and food justice. These young leaders commit to a faith that does justice while accompanying many communities, including Indigenous communities, schools, health clinics, and advocacy organizations across the country and world.


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**Article written by Clayton Shelvin, Career Coach (College of Music and Fine Arts)**

Education in the arts is an integral part of the development of each human being. Those who have studied learning processes throughout the ages, beginning with Plato, have emphasized the importance of the arts in the education process. Arts education refers to education in the disciplines of music, dance, theatre, and visual arts. Professionals in the arts is integral to our society. Last year, the National Endowment for the Arts and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis released a report that stated that arts and culture contributed more than $698 billion to the economy.  The industries that make up the bulk of arts and culture production include broadcasting, movies and videos, publishing, retail sales, performing arts and advertising.  This report became significant, as the U.S. has seen an increase in students entering universities to study theatre, music industry studies, graphic design and fashion and merchandising.

“Art does not solve problems, but makes us aware of their existence,” sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz has said. An arts education, on the other hand, does solve problems. Years of research show that it’s closely linked to almost everything that employers say they want in an employer: a background of academic achievement, interpersonal abilities, flexibility and adaptability, and problem solving skills.  The flexibility and versatility of an arts degree means that graduates have the lion’s share of choices when it comes to which industry they can enter. In 2011 bachelor’s graduates from the arts most frequently found employment in business administration, sales, management, media, hospitality and government agencies. In other words, the possibilities are endless and it’s really up to you where you choose to take your degree and apply your skills.  Here are a few things to remember when beginning career exploration for students in the College of Music and Fine Arts:


Consider all your options – media, business, publishing, marketing, the public sector, arts or community services. If you are interested in a particular industry, take the time to research that industry to better understand the requirements for entry-level roles. You may find roles and organizations that you didn’t even know existed. Research companies in the industry of your choice to understand organizational structures and business models. There are a multitude of resources available for this kind of research including careers counsellors, job search websites, industry associations, company websites and more. Get yourself out there, meet with industry professionals and network as much as you can.  Armed with your arts degree, you may have to be prepared to start at the bottom and work your way up. But with your well-developed writing and analytical skills, there’s nothing to stop you from excelling, progressing and working your way to the top.

Know Your Skill Set – And How To Sell It

By understanding which highly transferable skills you’ve developed during your studies, you will be able to communicate and demonstrate these to potential employers. Many employees look for a few key competencies, preferring to recruit graduates who they can train in industry-specific skills on the job. Some of the most important skills that an arts degree will give you include:

  • Communication skills
  • Critical reading and thinking skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Research skills

Students can see the Career Development Center for assessments that will help to measure your strengths and interests, and will give you an opportunity to have  1-on-1 session with your Career Coach.

Consider Postgraduate Study Options

Many students choose a Bachelor of Arts in order to pursue a particular subject that they are passionate about, such as philosophy or literature or anthropology. For the most part, however, students who choose an arts degree are looking to broaden their knowledge and experience in order to find a satisfying career path. Many arts graduates go on to specialize through postgraduate study. Popular postgraduate courses for arts graduates include educationpsychologyjournalismmarketing and social work. Many arts graduates also choose careers in research or academia. With the in-depth knowledge and skills gained by doing a graduate certificate, graduate diploma or master’s degree, you’ll have the advanced knowledge to launch your career and be an expert in your field.

All students in the College of Music and Fine Arts can set up an appointment with your Career Coach, Clayton Shelvin, to discuss resumes, career exploration, internships, personal assessments and other career-related topics.  Contact the Career Development Center at (504) 865-3860 to set up an appointment today!

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The Annual Fall Career Expo is Friday, September 23rd 2016 noon-4 pm at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Over 60 international, national and regional employers are expected to attend.

Don’t know how to prepare for the fair?  The Career Development Center will host a workshop on the “Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Career Fair” on Wednesday, September 21 at 5:00 in Multi-Media Room 2 of the Monroe Library.  No RSVP needed.  ALL Majors welcome.

Don’t have transportation to the dome? Don’t worry! There will be a free shuttle running all day from Freret Street and McCallister (in front of Tulane’s ROTC building). The first shuttle leaves at 11:30 a.m.(and every 45 minutes thereafter). For more information, please call the Career Development Center (504-865-3860).

Need to have your resume reviewed?  The Career Development Center has walk-in hours every Monday and Thursday from 2:00p.m. – 4:00 p.m.  The Career Development Center is located on the 2nd floor of the Danna Student Center in suite 208.  Contact career@loyno.edu if you have any questions.

Check out the most updated list below:

Allstate Insurance Corporation
Applied Medical Resources
Arkansas Teacher Corps
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Audubon Nature Institute
Austin Police Department
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
Cintas Corporation
City Year
Dallas Police Department
Entercom New Orleans
Entergy Corporation
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Fort Bend ISD
Hillstone Restaurant Group
Insight Global
LaPorte – CPAs & Business Advisors
Margin Recovery International
Metrpolitan Human Services District
Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program
New Orleans City Park
New Orleans Police Department
Northwestern Mutual of Louisiana
Ochsner Health System
Pan-American Life Insurance Group
Peoples Health
Quorum Business Solutions
Raising Cane’s
Relay Teacher Pathways
Republic National Distributing Company
Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance
Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Synaptek Corporation
Teach for America
Texas Chiropractic College
The Boeing Company
Tulane University – Freeman School of Business Graduate Admissions
U.S. Department of State
U.S. Peace Corps
University of Chicago
Urban Teachers
US Army Corps of Engineers
US Navy
Venture for America
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