Name: Alfred Jackson

Graduation Year: 2017

Major: Economics

Hometown: Rock Hill, South Carolina

Campus Involvement: Black Student Union, Vice President of Programming; Brothers 4 Progress; Economics Club

Hobbies: Playing my saxophone, video games, reading manga, and finding new music in New Orleans

Internship Employer: Northwestern Mutual

Primary duties: Financial advising, selling life and health insurance

What are you enjoying the most?

The thing I enjoy the most about this internship is how much they care about the interns.  They make sure that we are successful by steadily checking in on us every week.  Also, I’m learning so much about time management, being a professional, being patient, how to handle myself when I have to answer tough questions, and learning that even when people say no, you have to keep on enduring because that’s the only way you can be successful.

What have you learned about yourself so far?

I’ve learned a lot about myself since starting this internship, but the most important skill that I have learned is how to improve my time management!  This internship has really taught me how to prioritize tasks—whether it is school, extracurricular or work related! It has not been an easy process, but I know that it will help me in the long term and make me a better all-around individual.

What recommendations do you have for other students looking for an internship?

First, don’t be afraid to use old connections.  You never know what an old friend, boss, or acquaintance can do for you.  Second, always stay involved because your leadership activities can help you land a great internship. Third, don’t be afraid to ask your friends who are successful for help.  My good friend, Charles Buggage was integral to helping me land the internship. Fourth, use the program and services of the Career Development Center.  With their assistance, I was introduced to Northwestern Mutual and my current supervisor!

Got an extraordinary internship that you would like featured on our blog and/or newsletter?  Email the Career Development Center at!


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On Thursday, October 8 from 12:00 – 4:00 PM at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, more than 70 employers will be at the Fall Career Expo.  Don’t think it’s for you?  Think again!


Myth #1:“Career Fairs are just for seniors.”

Truth:  A number of companies attending the Fall Career Expo are interested in hiring part-time employees or interns.  Consider exploring any of the following: a summer experience, volunteer opportunities, or a chance to shadow employees or conduct an informational interview.  Employers want the opportunity to speak with all types of students.

Myth #2:“I’m too young to be at a Career Fair; I don’t even know what I would say to an employer!”

Truth: Participating in a Career Fair as a first or second year student is a great way to learn about companies you may want to work for in the near future.  If you research companies in advance, you can prepare what you’ll say.  Visit the Career Development Center website for the full list of registered companies.  Also, learning how to speak professionally with employers is a valuable, life-long skill.

  • How is your handshake?  Too firm?  Too limp?  Here’s your chance to practice!
  • Does your 20-second elevator pitch come off rehearsed or natural?
  • Can you have a balanced conversation – a dialogue – where you ask questions and listen just as much as you talk?
  • Can you respond confidently to an employer’s question about yourself?
  • Take the opportunity to speak with employers and ask what they are looking for in a perspective employee. Work to gain those skills and experiences before you graduate.

Myth #3: “The employer couldn’t take my resume. What a waste of time!”

Truth: Sometimes, company policy or even federal regulations prevent employers from accepting students’ resumes at career fairs. If a recruiter is unable to accept your resume, give them a business card.  Also, you can use your time productively and speak with employers about career paths and your career goals.  You have this employer’s full attention – use it wisely!  Connecting with the recruiter post-fair on LinkedIn or via email is a perfect way to maintain communication until the time comes when you are ready to apply for an internship or job opportunity.

To recap, First Year students and Sophomores can use the Career Fair to:

  • Explore possible internship possibilities!
  • Learn more about potential career paths and interact with employers!
  • Start building your professional network!

Let the Career Development Center Help You!

  • Visit the Career Development Center (2nd Floor, Danna Student Center) during our walk in hours: Monday and Thursdays, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm to have your resume reviewed or make an appointment by calling 504.865.3860.
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If someone told you there is one thing you can do to increase your chances of getting a job offer when you graduate, would you do it?  In a challenging job market, internships may be the best thing that you can do for your future, especially when many employers use their internship programs as their primary entry-level recruiting tools.  So in case you were one of the few students who didn’t attend the Career Development Center’s Internship and Part Time Job Fair on Thursday, August 27 there is still good news! The next fair has been scheduled for Thursday, January 21st!

There is no doubt about it, internships are ‘in’.  Curious why internships are so valuable?  Here are the top 5 reasons why you should NOT miss another Internship Fair while attending Loyola University.


1. You get to ‘test drive’ your career.  Real world experience helps you make more informed career decisions. 

Would you buy a car without a test drive?  Choose a college before doing your research? Obtaining an internship is your opportunity to explore careers in different fields or investigate areas of interest.  It’s almost impossible to truly know if you’ll enjoy a certain job or career until you try it, and an internship is the perfect way to “test the waters.”  Internships allow you to learn first -hand whether you’re supposed “dream job” is actually a nightmare.

2. Overcome the “Experience Required” criterion for many full time positions.

Employers like it when you have hands-on experience.  In fact, it may be difficult to compete for the better job opportunities if you haven’t completed at least one internship.  Interns develop career-related skills and demonstrate them to potential employers.  Many skills are best learned on the job, and even internships that are not directly related to your career provide you with opportunities to demonstrate your transferable skills, such as leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills.  Employers want to know what you can do for them, and they are especially interested when you’ve already done it for someone else.

3. Connect the classroom to the “world of work”.

As an intern you will gain immediate career-related experiences that complement your academic credentials.  Not only can you apply the theories that you learn in class to real experiences, but you can take those experiences back into the classroom.  An internship introduces you to the world of work and how work gets completed beyond academia.  Completing your workplace assignments and navigating an office environment not only enhances your resume but increases your confidence.

4. Develop your network.

Developing professional contacts in the field can help you turn your career plans into reality.  If you want to know where the opportunities are in an industry, the people you want to talk to are the ones already working in it.  People who know your potential and work ethic are happy to pass along tips about opportunities, share your information with their friends, and provide you with suggestions on how and where to look for positions once you graduate.  Leverage this group of professionals into a network to help you land the position you want.

5. Get a job offer! Most employers will hire successful interns over candidates they’ve just met or who apply online.

Internships provide experience that you can highlight whenever you apply for full-time jobs, especially those that specify workplace experience.  Many employers use internships as extended interviews for full-time employment and hire exclusively from their internship pool, although there are no guarantees.  During your internship, your mentors and professional colleagues can introduce you to potential employers, plus provide references and describe your accomplishments to assist in your job search.  What better way for them to get to know you than to let them try you out for eight to twelve weeks?  If you succeed and excel, you will definitely have a competitive edge over the average online resume submitter.

We recommend all students complete at least one internship (paid or unpaid, for-credit or not-for-credit) before graduation.  Internship opportunities are posted on Loyola’s EMPLOYOLAArtSearchand GoingGlobal, all found on the Career Development Center’s website, as well organizations’ websites and several internship websites.  If you need help finding an internship, contact us at or (504) 865-3860 for an appointment with your career coach.


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Do you want to work in an environment where hands-on training and widespread collaboration and inclusion are the norm? Enterprise Rent-A-Car has repeatedly been named by Business Week magazine as one of the “50 Best Places to Launch a Career” and for more than a decade as one of the “largest recruiters of college graduates” in the United States!  Why are they recognized…compensation, rapid advancement and best training programs!  Whether you are honing your skills or have your eyes on advancement, Enterprise offers training and development that will make a difference.  You’ll do more than just learn the essentials to master your role- you’ll learn how they do business.

As a co-sponsor for our 2015 Fall Internship and Part-Time Job Fair on Thursday, 8/27, be sure to stop by and learn about some of their internship opportunities:

Enterprise Management Internship Program

Learn how to take care of Enterprise customers — by actually working with them. Learn to develop marketing strategies. Practice building business-to-business relationships. You’ll even use the skills you learned to complete intern projects and compete for scholarships. This is a full-time, paid internship.

Enterprise CarShare Brand Ambassador Internship:

Are you ready for real-world marketing experience? Spread the word about Enterprise CarShare, a membership-based transportation solution. As a Brand Ambassador you’ll work on campus, helping to build awareness, growing the Enterprise CarShare membership base and increasing driver usage from existing members.

Accounting Internship:

As an Accounting Intern, you’ll gain the insights and financial training you need to get your career started while getting paid. Enterprise will teach you basic accounting principles and procedures – as well as how to run a successful business. You’ll work alongside some of the best in the industry, assisting in the preparation and analysis of financial statements for rental branches and other departments.

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Do you want to build your career with one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing CPA firms?  CRI is the 3rd largest CPA firm in the South with offices in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.  As a sponsor for our Internship and Part-Time Job Fair, they are growing rapidly and looking for strong, creative talent to grow with them!

CPA firm CRI knows that current accounting, auditing, tax, and business consulting information is priceless to their clients and communities. And that’s why their CPAs across the South deliver up-to-date information regarding current topics, recurring issues, and best practices specific to key industries such as construction, financial institutions, governments, and healthcare. CRI serves communities and clients throughout the south and they serve these clients not just as accountants, but as trusted business advisors. CRI’s accounting professionals are knowledgeable regarding current industry trends and regulation changes. Therefore, their accountants are prepared with proactive accounting strategies for increasing your success.

Student interns are integral to that success and provide assistance in preparing work papers, trial balances, depreciation schedules, entering data for computer applications and preparing engagement correspondence.  They also may assist professional staff in gathering data for tax return preparation, maintaining the tax library, and maintaining client tax and auditing files.  CRI believes in hiring talented individuals and investing in their futures so they offer a variety of development opportunities to enhance the skills and technical competencies of all employees.

Stop by the Internship and Part-Time Job Fair on Thursday, August 27th noon – 2:30 to find out about the internship opportunities available for accounting majors!

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Are you looking for an opportunity to increase your employability skills?  Interested in sharpening your interpersonal skills by interacting with people on a professional level? Want to beef up your resume to remain competitive?

On Thursday, August 27, 12:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. in the St. Charles Room (1st floor, Danna Student Center) the Career Development Center will host the 3rd Internship and Part-Time Job Fair.  The fair will connect local employers with students seeking those all-important academic internships and/or part-time job opportunities. Sponsored by Carr Riggs & Ingram, LLC and Enterprise Holdings, this event is open to students from ALL majors and class standings.  Visit with local organizations that want to put your creative knowledge and talents to work.  Over 60 employers have registered to attend!

NO pre-registration required…just sign in at the door.  Dress code is summer casual.  Resumes are encouraged.  For the full list of participating employers click here.

A sampling of employers includes:

Audubon Nature Institute

Carr Riggs & Ingram, LLC

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans


Enterprise Holdings

Ernst & Young

Funk Baby




Jamalar Agency

Langlois Culinary Crossroads

Louisiana Small Business Association

Metropolitan Center for Women and Children

New Orleans Film Society

New Orleans Museum of Art

Northwestern Mutual

Pelican Publishing

State Farm Insurance

Success Preparatory Academy

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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No one likes to see summer fun coming to an end, so to make the transition from beach-time to class-time a little easier; here are few ideas for fun events and things to do and see around New Orleans and on campus that will also give you a leg up for your professional pursuits!

Culture Collision is in its seventh year and is a personal can’t-miss event every year. Any and all interested performing arts organizations (think: the Saenger, the CAC, dance troupes, & theater groups) are invited to set up a table to advertise their programs, upcoming season, or sometimes even job openings. With FREE admission and great entertainment throughout the night, anyone and everyone involved in the New Orleans arts scene attends this event; making it an amazing place to practice your networking skills in a fun, zero-pressure environment.

If you’re looking to connect with peers involved in a wide array of amazing initiatives and accomplishments across the city, you will want to check out one of the events hosted by the New Orleans Young Leadership Council. The YLC has its thumb on the pulse of the rapidly evolving landscape of our city’s needs and regularly hosts open events to display their accomplishments, hear from new voices, and create goals as young leaders in the city. This is a great way to get to know a lot of New Orleans’ movers and shakers in a fun and social environment while contributing to the greater good!

If your summer has left you pining for the jazzy sounds of the city, you might want to consider not only attending some concerts featuring your favorite acts this semester, but working alongside them at many of New Orleans’ famed music venues. Tipitinas Uptown and Preservation Hall both offer internship opportunities throughout the year for students of any major who are looking to gain knowledge in music production, marketing, or booking. Check out their concert calendars as well as Employola (Loyola’s own job and internship site!) to find their internship postings!

Last but certainly not least, Loyola has endless on-campus opportunities to get involved at the beginning of the semester as well! Be on the lookout for social and professional groups to join – great bonds are made when students join groups of other students who are pursuing similar paths. And if you’re looking for a little extra cash to get you through all of these fun activities throughout the semester, please join the Career Development Center for our Part-Time Job & Internship Fair on August 27th, 2015! Over 50 employers will be coming to campus to discuss opportunities for students with their organization, so be sure to mark that down on your calendar and get set for another amazing year at Loyola University New Orleans.


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Last semester’s Internship and Part-time Job Fair was such a success, we are doing it again on Thursday, April 9th, noon – 3:30 pm in the St. Charles Room (1st floor Danna Student Center)!  No pre-registration required…just sign-in at the door!

Over 40 employers will be on-campus seeking part-time help, and interns.  See below for a list of the employers participating.  For the most up-to-date information, please click here.

**The Fair is co-sponsored by B&B Staff-Tenders, Raising Canes, Resolvit, State Farm and The Composting Network**

Organization Name

23 Marketing Inc.

Algiers Charter Schools Association

Audubon Nature Institute

B&B Staff-Tenders

Be Well Nutrition, Inc.

Be. Media Graphics

Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Louisiana

Broadmoor, LLC

Catholic Charities

Cella’s Boutique

City Year New Orleans

Compleat Hospitality Management

Duncan & Sevin, L.L.C.

Fansaction, LLC

Fidelity Bank

FirstLine Schools

Girl Scouts Louisiana East

Global Staffing Solutions

Harrah’s New Orleans

House of Blues

Hungry Howie’s Pizza

Jess Leigh Jewels, LLC

Langlois Culinary Crossroads

Louisiana Health Cooperative

Louisiana Small Business Development Center

Mercedes-Benz Superdome, SMG New Orleans

NetWork Voluntours

New Orleans City Park Improvement Association

New Orleans Film Society

New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) The Times-Picayune

Northwestern Mutual

OutSolve LLC

Peace Corps

Pelican New Orleans

Pelican Publishing Company


Providence Community Housing

Raising Cane’s

Reconcile New Orleans, Inc.

Resolvit, LLC



Southern Theatres

SRSA Commercial Real Estate, Inc.

State Farm

Stern Wealth Management

The Composting Network

The Princeton Review

Tommy Bahama


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans, Inc

Waffle House Inc

World Financial Group

World Trade Center of New Orleans

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The annual Spring Career Expo is this Thursday, February 5th, 2015, noon-4 pm at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Over 60 employers are currently registered to attend. Check out the most updated list below!

Don’t have transportation to the dome? Don’t worry! There will be a free shuttle running all day from Freret Street and McCallister (in front of Tulane’s ROTC building). The first shuttle leaves at 11:30 a.m.(and every 45 minutes thereafter). For more information, please call the Career Development Center (504-865-3860).

Employers currently registered to attend:

Organization Name
780th Cyber Brigade
AAA Insurance
ADT Security Services, Inc.
American Income Life
Audubon Nature Institute
AXA Advisors
Baltimore County Public Schools
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana
Boys Town
Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, LLC
Central Intelligence Agency
Cintas Corporation
City Year New Orleans
Compleat Hospitality Management
CORE Construction Services, L.L.C.
Crescent Schools of Gaming & Bartending
CSC – Computer Sciences Corporation
Daily Thermetrics
Drury Hotels
E&J Gallo Winery
Entercom New Orleans
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Inc.
Ferguson, a Wolseley Company
Fort Worth Police Department
Group 1 Automotive
Guizhou Forerunner College
Houston Independent School District
Insight Global
LSUHSC School of Public Health
Match Education
New Orleans Police Department
NO/AIDS Task Force
Northwestern Mutual of Louisiana
Ochsner Health System
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
Orleans Parish Sheriff Office
Pan-American Life Insurance Group
Quorum Business Solutions
Raising Cane’s
Republic Finance
Revelry Labs
SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic
TEACH @ Univeristy of Louisiana at Monroe
TEKsystems, Inc.
Texas Chiropractic College
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Peace Corps
United Rentals
United States Marine Corps
University of Nebraska Medical Center – BRTP
University of Southern Mississippi
US Navy
Weeks Marine, Inc.
Wireless Universe/T-Mobile
YES Prep Public Schools
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Register for Conference Here

Let the countdown begin! Employ the Pack: A Conference for Emerging Professionals is just 2 weeks away. Occurring on Saturday January 31st from 10 a.m.– 3 p.m. in the Danna Student Center, this half day conference will feature breakout sessions and an inspiring keynote message designed to provide juniors, seniors, graduate students and young alumni the knowledge needed to confidently tackle the professional world.

In addition to having Brian Bordainck (Teach for America alumnus, founder and CEO of Dinner Lab and founder of 9th Ward Field of Dreams) as our keynote speaker, we have also secured a variety of Loyola University alumni to participate in the half day conference.  We are excited to have Brandi Boatner, A’06 confirmed to join in the Alumni Career Panel Session.  Brandi Boatner is the Digital Experience Manager for IBM’s Global Technology Services in New York City. In this newly created role, her responsibilities include working to develop and drive the implementation of a client digital experience and engagement model to enhance the way IBM engages with CXOs in the digital world (including Websites, blogs, social media sites and mobile devices).

Boatner is a Loyola University New Orleans alumna with a BA in Public Relations. She is also the former national president of PRSSA from 2008-2009 while attending graduate school at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, Hawaii. She holds several leadership positions within in PRSSA on both the local and national level serving as a member of the Board of Directors for the PRSSA Foundation and PRSSA NY Chapter as Secretary. Outside of PRSSA, Boatner is an advisory council member for the LAGRANT Foundation, an organization that supports minority students in marketing, advertising and public relations.

Brandi is a true advocate for diversity and the next generation of leaders in the public relations professionals, speaking around the US to various colleges & universities about the future of the industry. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, shoe shopping, traveling the world, dancing, reading, hanging out with her friends in New York and spending time with her loving family in New Orleans.

Employ the PACK:  A Conference for Emerging Professionals will be held in the Danna Student Center on Saturday, January 31st, 10am – 3pm.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided.  RSVP required!  To RSVP, click here or email  If you have any questions, please call the Career Development Center at 504.865.3860.  The conference is co-sponsored by Loyola’s Alumni Association.

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