Electronic job boards are convenient resources to use when looking for an internship; however, as when used with regular job searches, they don’t always represent the best or all opportunities that are available.  Often, it is up to you to find the positions and, sometimes, create the positions.  Other places to look for internships are:


This spring the seven universities in the New Orleans region will participate in the Mardi Gras Invitational (MGI) Career Fair on February 23.  Many of the employers that participate are looking for interns.  Put on your interview suit, bring copies of your resume, catch the free shuttle, and come discover what’s waiting at the Superdome for you.  Also, search the Internet for other career fairs in targeted cities around the country.  Don’t forget to use the CDC’s resource Going Global to help with this.


Visit the career pages of companies and non-profits’ websites to look for opportunities.  While there, read through the news section of the website.  Look for new trends, business strategies, product lines, and the people who are heading up those activities.  Send that person a cover letter and resume, and follow-up.


Do you belong to any student organizations? Visit the websites for internship opportunities.  Have you joined any professional organizations off campus?  A lot of these organizations have student memberships and welcome young people.  Once you join, volunteer for committees, go to the meetings, and network. Let them know you are interested in internships.


Research contacts at several companies and organizations where you would like to work and write targeted cover letters asking for a meeting to discuss internship opportunities with them.  Follow up phone calls are imperative with this tactic.


Ask your friends where they did their internships.  Talk about your search with family, friends, professors, former employers, and anyone you come into contact with.  More jobs are found through networking than any other source.


Make an appointment with your career coach in the Career Development Center.  We can help you walk through the different avenues of searching for an internship.

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