When you have an interview, wait until the interviewer (the host) tells you where to sit. Remain standing in front of your chair, until the interviewer moves to take his or her seat. Lower yourself into your seat at the same time. If someone walks in and the interviewer introduces you, stand up to greet that person.

The same is true for a sales call or any business meeting. Wait until your host tells you where to sit. Sit when your host sits and stand to greet any newcomers.

Courtesy of Culture and Manners Institute

One Response to Etiquette Tip of the Week: Seating When Meeting

  1. Charlie says:

    I think that if you enter the interview room together, this is true. However, if yu are shown into the interview room by an admin, and shown a seat, you should take it. Preferably, not at the head of the table, in the power seat, or with your back to a bright light, such as a large window. All considerations are trumped by a backlight. Never, ever sit with a bright light at your back because then your interviewer will have trouble seeing you (this has actually happened where I work, and it’s not good. You should definitely stand up when the interviewer enters the room. I have interviewed a lot of people, and frankly, if they are standing when I walk in, all it tells me is that they’ve read an article like this before…so I don’t think much of it and it actually has a negative impact because I then think the person can’t have an original thought, and that having good manners is something they read in a book, or online. My final thought on this post is that if the interviewer is so shallow that they require people to stand and wait for them, then you really don’t want to work for that person.