Article reposted from College of Social Sciences website:

Cristina Catanzaro, SS ’09, works as a Production Assistant for HBO in New YorkCityafter interning with the company during college. Catanzaro began her work in the Film Acquisitions department in summer 2007 and then in the Creative Services department in summer 2008.

“I was a sophomore at Loyola and got the phone call that I had secured an internship at HBO,” said Catanzaro.  ”I remember saying to myself, ‘This is my chance,’ I knew all I needed was my foot in the door and I would be able to accomplish anything from there.”

Catanzaro returned to school in the fall and began working on production projects and taking classes that she knew would help her improve her skills.

“When it came time for graduation, timing was in my favor and Creative Services needed to fill an entry level position. After a few emails and rounds of interviews, I got the job,” she said.

Her duties include creating trailers, promotions and extra content for all HBO and Cinemax materials. Catanzaro is currently working on the series “Treme,” a show based on Post-Katrina New Orleans.

“I have been in NYC, but have been dealing with all things New Orleans everyday. It has been incredible to tie my two favorite cities together in a profession that I love.”

Catanzaro hopes to one day become a Writer/Producer for HBO.

“I have been very fortunate for where I have ended up, but good timing combined with hard work and ambition can bring you anywhere!”

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