You have your resume and cover letter edited and polished… and edited and polished again. You’ve submitted them to the employer of your dreams in response to a job posting for which you know you are qualified.  You’ve scheduled an interview, and now the employer is asking for your references!

This is usually the last step in the job application and interview process, and it is usually a very good sign that the employer is interested in you.  It means they are willing to take the time to call all of your references and make sure you are as great as they think you might be.

Here is some advice from an expert on how to make sure you handle this step properly to close the deal:

“Job seekers should provide the information agreed to by their references, so if the reference only gives the job seeker permission to share a phone number, then the job seeker should only share the phone number and should not share an email address. Similarly, if the reference only wants to share an email address, then the job seeker should not provide a phone number.

If the job seeker doesn’t know the methods of communication preferred by their reference then that job seeker simply needs to ask.”

Advice provided by Steven Rothberg, Founder and President of

PS- don’t forget to follow up on your interview with a thank you note!

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