Must you always sing in church for free?…
When can you start making money off of your art and design work?…
Do you need to hire someone else to build your web site, or can you handle it yourself?…

Come learn how you can monetize your art now and throughout your career!

Loyola University New Orleans’ Career Development Center and the College of Music and Fine Arts in partnership with the Arts Council of New Orleans present:

The Artistic Entrepreneur

March 23, 2012

Come hear from some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds in the arts and entertainment industries of New Orleans to learn how you can launch your career in the arts.


1.  If not already logged into your Employola account, click on ‘More Information’ at the top or bottom of the screen
2.  Enter your Employola log in info (Loyola username and student ID #)
3.  Click on Career Fairs and Events and conduct a search for ’Artistic Entrepreneur’
4.  Click ‘Register for Event’


1:00-1:45 Keynote- Crowd Funding: Friends and Family: a panel discussion featuring panelists who have experience in both small-scale micro finance and the art of approaching an investor for the first time.  Panelists will draw on their professional experiences and their observations of artists who have used micro finance and small investments successfully to discuss what key qualities indicate a viable idea, what red flags indicate an idea that isn’t ready for market, and what the entrepreneur needs to know when raising money.

Moderator John Snyder, Chair, Music Industry Studies Department
Panelist 1 Elliott Adams, Adjunct Professor of Digital Entities and Director of Digital media for Louisiana Economic Development
Panelist 2 Robert Leblanc, Loyola MBA Alumna and founder of Lifestyle Revolution Group
Panelist 3 Lesli Harris, Associate at Stone Pigman with experience in intellectual property law

2:00-2:45 A) Visual Entrepreneurship: a panel discussion that will explore the ways visual artists can use their skills as an asset in any start-up venture (arts or non-arts related) and how they can view their individual careers as entrepreneurial start-ups.

Moderator Nancy Bernardo, Professor of Graphic Design
Panelist 1 Zack Smith, local independent photographer and musician
Panelist 2 Jim Gabour, Instructor of Videography and Film Studies
Panelist 3 Myesha Francis, local artist and founder of the M. Francis Gallery
Panelist 4 Dan Walter, Associate at Stone Pigman with experience in gallery management

2:00-2:45 B) The Performing Entrepreneur: a panel for actors and musicians that will explore how performers must manage their own careers as if they were running a business.

Moderator Billy O’Connell, Instructor of Music Industry Studies
Panelist 1 A.J. Allegra, Artistic Director and founding member of The NOLA Project theatre company
Panelist 2 Kate Abreo, local musical theatre actress, operatic vocalist, and Loyola Music Performance Alumna
Panelist 3 Gregory Davis, founding member of Dirty Dozen Brass Band

3:00-3:45 Closing Panel- Social Media in Entrepreneurship: a panel discussion of how young entrepreneurs can leverage and maximize resources available through social media, which are usually free, as an aspect of a successful start-up organization or performance career.

Moderator Andrew Larimer, founder of FatHappy Media
Panelist 1 DJ Soul Sister (Melissa Weber), local DJ
Panelist 2 Jeff Gapultos, founder of Eiffel Society
Panelist 3 Megan Hargroder, founder of Conversations, LLC

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