On Tuesday, September 25th, the Career Development Center is hosting a new program aimed at meeting the specific career development needs of first-year students.  “What’s My Gig?” is an interactive game based off of the popular 1950/60s game show “What’s My Line?”

During this game, teams of first-year students will take turns asking a mystery New Orleans professional yes-or-no questions about his/her occupation.  The first team to correctly identify the professional’s occupation will win one round of the game.  There will be seven rounds in this game and each round will feature a New Orleans professional with an exciting, unique career.

Following the game, students will have the opportunity to chat with the professionals about their careers in order to learn more about the careers that interest them.

Event Title: What’s My Gig?
Time: 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Date:  Tuesday, September 25
Location: Audubon Room, 2nd Floor, Danna Center

**Refreshments will be provided! Wolfbucks will be awarded to the winning team!

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