*This blog post is written by our social media intern, DawnChae Jiles.

Slept in every day of winter break: ✓

Perfected my Spring 2013 schedule: ✓

Elated about the Career Development Center’s social media makeover: ✓

So here we are, feeling excited about the new semester. But let’s be honest, how much really changes over winter break? You’re probably thinking “nothing,” right?  Wrong! Here at the Career Development Center we have revved up our social media efforts, and we’re excited for you to reap the benefits.

Here are our currently active platforms:


What better way to explain to you what we mean by ‘dress appropriately’, than to show you? Our page (EMPLOYolaSurge) has thirteen fun boards with everything you need from appropriate work attire to tips on networking. Gentlemen, don’t think we forgot about you; we have an ‘appropriate’ men’s attire board dedicated to you! We want you to be prepared for your current/ future internships, and of course all those interviews. So login to your Pinterest account, find us at EMPLOYolaSurge, and breathe a sigh of relief (because you are now prepared for those ‘real life’ experiences).


Did you attend an event last semester? Check out our Facebook albums, we might have a candid shot of you. We know what you’re thinking, ‘Can I tag myself’? Well of course! What’s stopping you? We want to keep you updated about the job market, internships, and events on campus. If you haven’t liked our Facebook page (EMPLOYola_Surge), do it! If you have any questions feel free to post on our wall, we want to hear from you!


@EMPLOYola_Surge  It’s crucial that you follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on paid/unpaid internships, fabulous keynote speakers (hope you didn’t miss the Intern Queen), and five themed twitter days that are dedicated to each college at Loyola and recent alumni.  I mean, who can resist #MusicMonday, a day dedicated to students enrolled in the College of Music and Fine Arts!?


We’ve all heard networking is important for future job prospects, and well frankly, it truly is! LinkedIn has over 175 million users, and we want to help you connect with people right here at Loyola. The Career Center’s LinkedIn page is Havoc T. Wolf; yes our dearest Havoc is LinkedIn’s new main attraction. Your first step is to create an account (we’ll help you through the entire process if you need), then connect with Havoc. Connecting with Havoc gives you the opportunity to connect with alumni, students, employers, and career coaches. Don’t be afraid, connect now!


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