Even before the lighted ball drops or fireworks streak across the night sky, most of us have given at least a passing thought to our new year’s resolutions long before our clock strikes 12:00am on January 1st. Whether we aim to give more of ourselves in the New Year, lose weight, and smile more or even to have no resolution, we all have goals for betterment in the year to come. It is typical to hear resolutions involving our appearances, our wallets, or our spiritual well-being, but why not go after all three with one simple resolution?

All too often we take our studies and professional experiences for granted, or as a given. While success is undoubtedly determined by the facts and skills we learn, why not make 2013 the year to bring this goal into full view by focusing our energies on passionately pursuing professional growth? Whether by trolling EMPLOYOLA for new internships, a visit to the Career Development Center to learn more about opportunities in your chosen field, spicing up your resume, or simply studying more about what you love, make the move towards professional growth and a more fulfilling career today.

Resolutions are a cyclical and evolutionary process. Even the root word, “resolve,” tells us that we will always be assessing and fine tuning as we navigate our paths. Just as goals like shedding a few pounds or thinking more positive thoughts don’t just happen overnight, the hunt for professional growth and happiness is a life-long process; the fun part is knowing that you can improve or switch directions at any given juncture with a little planning and elbow grease. If you want to make this your goal, or you aren’t satisfied with your current state, change it! Loyola’s Career Development Center is here to help.

The truth is that we aren’t contractually obligated to use January 1st as the start of a new life, but a new year and a new semester provide a perfect opportunity to grow. One of our blessings is the ability to call upon the gift of resolve any moment of any day in any year we choose, and with a resolution to pursue our passion with renewed joy and focused intent, we just might make 2013 our most successful year yet!


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