In preparation for Porter Gale’s opening keynote address at this Saturday’s Employ the Pack conference, she has asked attendees to watch this video.

As you watch, you will see a student just like you putting himself out there, taking a risk, and in the words of Billy Joel, “showing his chops.”  Do you have chops?

As you watch this incredible interaction take place, ask yourself, “Self, would I do something like this? Do I believe in my abilities?  Am I confident enough to join the national stage with a legend in my field?”  Here’s some of my thoughts play-by-play:

0:10 – Even raising your hand to ask a question in a full auditorium can be intimidating.  But, what you have to say is just as important as any other question in that room.  So, raise that hand!

0:30 – After Michael asks his question, there is a moment of pause when the audience is waiting for Billy Joel’s response.  What do you think is going through Michael’s head at this moment?  And then, after the response, there is no turning back for Michael.  That’s what you have to keep in mind: once you take a risk, you are all in.  You’ve just invested in your chops.

1:00 – Here, Michael basically has a “mentor moment” with Billy Joel.  What would you give to have a moment like this?

1:35 – And then, he begins to play.  And you realize that Michael had nothing to worry about at all.  He is good, and his talent speaks for itself.  I bet your strengths speak for themselves, too.

4:45 – Here’s where those “chops” come in and where I actually get goose bumps.  Michael surprises Billy Joel.  He takes full advantage of this opportunity.  He has fun!

So, come to the Employ the Pack conference on Saturday and discover from Porter Gale how you can take full advantage of opportunities like this.  Learn how you can develop your confidence and grow some chops.  If Billy Joel likes chops, your future employers and networks will too.


One Response to Props and Chops from Billy Joel

  1. Logan Williamson, LPC says:

    What a great video and breakdown!