The Career Development Center offers several opportunities to prepare first year students for career success.  Through focused career exploration activities and individual appointments the Career Development Center has resources, programs and services to benefit you.

As a first year student entering Loyola University, you – and possibly your parents – may find yourself questioning your choice of major.  Not to worry…it is natural for first-year students to revisit their decisions about a major or career path several times.  Deciding on a major is one of the many reasons to visit the Career Development Center.  Students can access What Can I Do with My Major- a valuable resource that offers insight into the most common career paths for graduates within specific majors, gives examples of employers who recruit these disciplines and outlines strategies for students to acquire marketable skills upon graduation.

Still have questions?  Use FOCUS2 to assess personal qualities that relate to careers and explore career fields and major areas of study that are most compatible with you. The assessment is offered online and is available to all Loyola students. FOCUS2is a self-paced assessment that provides you with results upon completion and matches your results to Loyola University majors. Continue with your exploration independently or schedule an appointment with your career coach to discuss your results and develop your next steps to career success.

Not ready to make an individual appointment but want to learn about exciting careers in a fun and interactive way?  Participate in the PACKPORT Spotlight: “ What’s My Gig?”–a program where teams of first-year students will compete to be the first to correctly identify the careers of local alumni. Prizes will be awarded, and refreshments will be provided.

There are many ways you can connect with the Career Development Center.  Check out our website for upcoming programs and services and to learn more about our individual services.  We look forward to seeing you in our office!




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