The job Interview; possibly one of the most nerve-racking hurdles job seekers of all ages will face. Immediately the mind starts to rattle through the usual questions: “How do I make a positive impression?” “What can I say to ensure that I get the job?” “What if I stumble through it?” “Will they like me?” All of these are normal worries, but the best way to ease your mind and successfully breeze through an interview comes from five core values that you’re already familiar with, thanks to your Loyola University of New Orleans experience.

Dignity: the first and possibly most important quality to reflect in an interview. To be dignified means to be worthy of honor or respect, and starting a job interview or new job off with respect is a sure-fire way to find success. What’s the easiest way to accomplish this? Simple honesty and confidence in your resume and your interview will show confidence and skill, and any interviewer will respect that.

Excellence: start now. Excellence means that you’ve gone above and beyond expectations to achieve something outstanding. Keep your eyes open for projects, activities and extra responsibilities on which you can partake. This will propel your resume and experiential knowledge on a topic relative to your intended career path to the top of the interviewer’s resume pile. Don’t have a career focus yet? Get involved in any activity which piques your interest! You will learn a lot about yourself and your skills, and have so much to add to an interview down the road.

Wholeness: two colleagues of mine recently agreed that true success in any industry is achieved when you can have conversations which include, but also extend beyond your industry, focus, and expertise. Think of an interview just as you would think of dinner with close friends; no one wants to stay on the same topic throughout the whole conversation, so become a “3-D interviewer” and talk beyond the required job skills to show your potential employer that you’re thinking above, beyond, and out of the box in order to bring more value to your potential new job position.

Inclusiveness: the fastest way to tank an interview is silence. Job interviewers are people too, so don’t let them ask all the questions! Of course, you’re not there to interview them on their past employment history, but ask some questions about the job, the company, and the interviewer’s expectations. Come prepared to demonstrate that you’ve researched the position and company culture thoroughly and create an interesting dialogue with your interviewer. This is one of the easiest ways to show your smarts and your dedication in one fell swoop!

Compassion: it may not seem obvious, but finding ways to demonstrate compassion for a job position or company is a great way to establish your genuine interest in working there. Moreover, finding polite ways to illustrate where a company could use some tightening up or TLC, and the ways that you can add value to that need just may land you the job you’re after!

In short, no interview is stress-free, but you can feel 100% more prepared if you keep these five ideals close-by. If you want to know more about utilizing these ideas in a job interview or have any professionalism or career-related questions, don’t hesitate to call or stop by the Career Development Center’s office to pick up helpful handouts or schedule an appointment with one of our career counselors today!

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