Attend the Federal Government 101 Information Session hosted by Carrie Quick, Human Resources Officer with the National Finance Center and learn about the employment opportunities and benefits of working for the federal government. 

Topic:  Federal Government 101

Date: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Location: Learning Lab room 215, second floor Danna Student Center

The Federal Government is the largest employer in the country and they are hiring!  Federal government jobs hold appeal for job seekers for a number of reasons. There is diversity in job opportunities. Each government agency requires different specialties and employs people with a wide range of skill sets and talents. No matter your area of expertise, you can find a government agency that has a need for someone with your skills.  Also, as a government employee, you have the opportunity to affect policy and programs on issues that are important to you. 

Employment with the federal government presents both opportunities and challenges, just as any job does. The more effort and determination you put into the process, the greater the rewards.  

Find out why the Federal Government has been identified as the best place to work.

Questions about the information session, contact Brian Creel at

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Never pass out business cards at the dinner table.

In addition, do not pass out your business cards indiscriminately to everyone in the room. If someone who has received one of your cards notices this, that person will no longer feel important or special, because you are shooting your cards pell mell at everyone, like tennis balls out of an oscillating ball machine.

Courtesy of Culture and Manners Institute

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When you have an interview, wait until the interviewer (the host) tells you where to sit. Remain standing in front of your chair, until the interviewer moves to take his or her seat. Lower yourself into your seat at the same time. If someone walks in and the interviewer introduces you, stand up to greet that person.

The same is true for a sales call or any business meeting. Wait until your host tells you where to sit. Sit when your host sits and stand to greet any newcomers.

Courtesy of Culture and Manners Institute

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Google’s 2011 BOLD Immersion Application for freshman is now live!  Up to 100 selected students will travel to Google’s offices in either New York or Mountain View in late July or early August for a weeklong, all expenses paid, unique summer opportunity that will provide participants with a rare glimpse into the technology industry; career opportunities at Google; and valuable professional and peer networks.  Students will be able to work in a team environment on a specific project, get exposure to the business of Google, participate in professional development seminars and of course engage in a little fun.

To apply, students must:

  • Be currently enrolled in a 4-year BA/BS program, in any major
  • Be able to provide proof of work authorization extending beyond 12 months in the United States or Canada
  • Be a current undergraduate freshman
  • Demonstrate academic excellence in a business-related discipline 

Students selected to participate in the BOLD Immersion program may also have the opportunity to participate in a summer long internship during their junior/senior year.  The BOLD Immersion program is open to ALL qualified college students. 

The deadline to submit your application is midnight on Monday, April 11, 2011. Visit BOLD Immersion Program for Freshmen for more information. 

All decisions will be communicated to applicants by the end of May.

Have additional questions? Contact

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Not only should you send a typed-written thank you note for an interview, you should also send a thank you note if you are hired.

Whether it was an individual who hired you or a board or directors, thank them for the opportunity and express your enthusiasm for the job. Send out the note before your first day on the job.

Courtesy of Culture and Manners Institute

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Career Development Center, Women’s Resource Center and BSU Host Career Program for Women:

On March 3 the Career Development Center, the Women’s Resource Center, and the Black Student Union are sponsoring the third annual RISE UP program, a career program devoted to issues of special interest to female students as they make choices about their careers.  Held every March as part of the celebration of Women’s History Month, RISE UP is an opportunity for female students to learn from and connect with female leaders in their chosen professions.  Each year, a different profession is highlighted. This year’s topic is STEM Careers.

STEM careers refer to the multitude of jobs found in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields.  Most STEM fields are dominated by men, which might scare off some women, but this very condition makes STEM fields an excellent career choice for women! Employers want to diversify their workforces.  Whether seeking a chemical engineer, an environmental scientist, or a high school physics teacher, employers want to hire women. However, the United States is experiencing a precipitous decline in the number of female students who are studying science, engineering, or math in college.  For an individual woman no degree means no job. For our country as a whole, no scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and other technical experts means restricted growth and well-being.  That’s why it’s important to encourage young women to enter STEM fields.

RISE UP is one small program designed to encourage Loyola women to pursue and persist in STEM fields. RISE UP attendees connect with the panelists to realize that STEM careers are within their reach.  For many students attendance can serve as the spark they need find a mentor, start a research project, or hear needed words of encouragement.  This year, students will get to hear from two Loyola professors, Dr. Joelle Underwood, Chemistry and Dr. Maria Calzada, Mathematics, along with forensic chemistry alumna Jodie Clement,  a Criminalist for the New Orleans Police Department and Dr. Maureen Wright, a Research Microbiologist.   All four women are accomplished professionals in their fields.  Their contributions extend beyond their jobs to identifying and supporting the next generation of female scientists.

The STEM Careers program will be held on March 3rd at 12:30 in the Audubon Room in the Danna Student Center. For more information contact Tamara Baker in the Career Development Center.

Interested in additional programs addressing the needs of women in today’s workforce? Watch for Smart Start, a salary negotiation workshop, coming in April.

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By: Elizabeth Iafelice

The Happiest Place on Earth and The Place Where Dreams Come True- these are just two titles for the company that I work for.  When offered the chance to attend a lecture for The Disney College Program I jumped at it.  Disney has fostered great memories for me.  The chance to make these memories for others sounded like the perfect job for me, a Theatre/Communications Major.

It was during the middle of my phone interview when I realized just how important the organizations I am part of at Loyola were to my professional development.  An example of this would be Loyola Ambassadors.  When asked if I was able to memorize information and give tours I was able to answer ”Yes” without a second thought.

My Theatre classes taught me to memorize large scripts, much like the 40-page script I had to memorize on my third day of Disney training.  Loyola helped me to get to this position and I know that I am prepared for whatever task is given to me.

When I arrived in Orlando I took classes on the history of Disney to better understand the company for which I am working.  I found out the next day that I would be working in Hollywood Studios at The Great Movie Ride, my favorite attraction.

Following a week of training I had to “earn my ears” and pass an evaluation.  My evaluation required me to correctly answer a 100 question test, give four tours to Disney visitors, and show that I can work the four other positions at the ride.  I am glad to say that I passed!

Right now I am able to work 40 hours a week, pay my rent, and even spend time with the wonderful new friends I have met.  I look forward to what will happen next week when I take my “Creativity and Innovation” course.

Stay tuned!

Elizabeth Iafelice is a Theatre/Communications Senior at Loyola University and is currently participating in the Disney Internship Program in Orlando, FL.

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Put these questions to use at the career fair next Wednesday (for more information on the carer fair visit:

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SophoMORE students…have heard about The SophoMORE Initiative but haven’t had the opportunity to attend any programs or events? The Office of Student Affairs recognizes that the sophomore year is full of unique challenges and opportunities and has developed this initiative just for you—the Class of 2013!  While there are many educational and social programs scheduled throughout the academic year to support you through your second year at Loyola University, one of the feature programs is the monthly SophoMOREs Only lunches.

During these lunches Career Development Center staff facilitates small informal discussions between students and industry professionals around the following career exploration topics/questions:

  • Did I choose the right major and how does it fit with my career goals?
  • How do I discover my interests, gifts and talents and use them to meet the world’s needs?
  • What are some strategies to finding a meaningful career?
  • Tips and advice for college students interested in pursuing their passions?
  • What are some examples of activities I should be involved in to enhance my experience and resume?

Many “Aha!” moments have resulted from the honest sharing of the speaker’s life story.

Past guests have included:  Amy Cyrex Sins, Loyola University alumna and author of the “Ruby Slippers Cookbook:  Life, Culture, Food and Family after Katrina,”; Donna Blair, Dominican College New Orleans alumna and Diplomat in Resident for the U.S. Department of the State; John Biguenet, Loyola University professor, author and play write and Danny Monteverde, Loyola University alumnus and staff writer for The Times Picayune newspaper.

We hope you join us for our next SophoMOREs Only lunch celebrating women’s history month with a special guest on Thursday, March 24, 12:30 to 1:30 in the Octavia Room of the Danna Student Center.

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