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This is a space that will be updated regularly with ideas about improving mental health, common issues that come up for students, and timely topics for tough transitions like going home for the holidays or finishing exams strong.  We hope that you’ll check us out!

This week’s topic will be about simply getting an appointment with us.  Right now we have four full-time staff members who are available for appointments.  You can check out their individual biographies on our main page:

Not only do we have great therapists here, but we have an excellent support staff that makes it simple to get an appointment.  During our hours (8:30AM to 4:45PM) we always have someone answering our phone.  Clients will usually get our office manager, Diana Novek, when they call 504-865-3835.  She can help you schedule an appointment with someone based on how quickly you need to get into our office or with a specific therapist.

New clients usually arrive to the Counseling Center 10 minutes early so they can fill out the 3 pieces of paperwork needed for their hour long intake.  We are located in the Danna Center, right above the Orleans Room (OR) in Suite 208.  Once in session, we work with students on a variety of different issues, which range from getting through periods of temporary stress to tackling more long term problems.  During this time, we try to get relevant background information, a solid understanding of your concerns, and set some goals for future sessions.

There is no cost beyond your tuition for each session and we do not have limits on how many sessions are provided over the course of your time at Loyola as long as there is a need.  We have crisis appointments available and we even do some limited psychological testing.  Please check us out like 20% of all undergraduates and graduates have done at some point in time in their tenure at Loyola University New Orleans.

After hours counseling is available for mental health emergencies (e.g., sexual assault, death of a loved one, suicidality, etc.) by contacting the counselor-on-call at (504) 865-3434. Student Health Services does not carry after-hours coverage but an ambulance can be requested by calling LUPD at (504) 865-3434 for on-campus medical emergencies. For more information about the UCC, please visit and SHS, please visit

Please check back later as we talk a little bit about confidentiality, how seriously we take it, what it covers, and what are the limits to confidentiality.  Spoiler alert: we take your privacy very seriously!

Dr. Alicia Bourque, Ph.D.
Director, Counseling & Health Services

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