Don’t Be a Jerk

I’m linking to an article I found interesting the other day.  Its title is less direct than this Blog Post – “How to Be a Jerk.”  It looks at how people can be jerks and with a wink and a nod forces you to look at how you are jerk… but of course that would never happen right?

It gave me an opportunity to reflect on my own occasional outburst of jerkiness.  What I really took from this article is how unhappy Jerks must be… Being wrong happens and admitting it relieves the weight off of your shoulders of having to justify each step along the way.

I believe that patterns are easier to change once we have some insight into them.  After reading this article, it will be much harder to act like a jerk for too long.  When I hear myself saying, “I’m not insulting you, I’m just being honest,” I’ll know that I’m just saying, “Let me be a jerk for a little longer.”  And that is a tough thing to ask someone.

I think this article is also trying to get at the idea that our gut is sometimes a poor compass… to completely mix my metaphors.  This is a lesson that I have to continue to relearn.  No matter the level of expertise, we can tend to atrophy back into old patterns.  Accountability is essential to consistency.  So take a risk this week and see if you are being a Jerk.  Are you slipping into old patterns because “you got this?”  Maybe you need some extra accountability?  We all do!

-Logan Williamson, LPC

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