Finals Help – No One is Looking

Finals can be a tough time for everyone.  For the prepared, it is a work filled frenzy.  For the procrastinators, it is a work filled frenzy.  It can be a time where we become focused on ourselves and how heavy our work load is and how much stress we have before the last day of classes.  This is a time to rely on our values, not forget them until things get easier.  I’ve heard that values are what you do while no one is looking.  So if everyone is looking at themselves, this is the time to act!

In the spirit of service and community, do something nice for someone today.  Lend someone your notes.  Explain the question they are stuck on.  Offer up your car for the late night Taco Bell run as a study break.  Call your friend the morning of the final so they make it on time.  Open the door for a stranger.  Pull your head out of your own… To Do List and make a difference in someone else’s day and your day as well.

-Logan Williamson, LPC

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