Good Grief!

Recently, there have been more clients coming into the UCC needing help around the loss of a loved one.  Whether planned or unplanned, processing through loss can be incredibly difficult.  Sociologically, different cultures handle this process in a wide variety of ways, but every culture acknowledges grief’s role in maintaining a healthy community.

It seems counter intuitive.  How could someone permanently leaving be a strength in a healthy community?  But it is.  Death reminds us of our humanity and that we do not have forever to participate.  It centers us in the community that supports us.  It provides us with opportunity to give and receive support from others, which is necessary in our human relationships.  It also serves as a time for remembrance and reflection on the lives of those who mean so much to us.

The beauty among the wreckage, that is death, is that we don’t start relationships with the hope that someone will be there for us when we need it.  In grief, we don’t expect reciprocation because in that moment we can’t imagine anyone else possibly understanding what that loss means to us.  And yet we are still given support.  This comfort is so helpful in processing through the range of emotions that we feel for those who have passed, as sometimes we grieve for those who were wonderful influences, and sometimes for those whose death is more complicated.

So for those who are grieving, lean on your community.  We’re here for you.  For those who are being leaned on, know how much your support is needed.

-Logan Williamson, LPC

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