Counselors from the University Counseling Center will be in each of the residence halls on campus Monday, February 25th from 5:30 to 7PM handing out cookies and hot chocolate until our supplies are gone!  Don’t miss out on free food and a chance to pick up some free swag.  Of course we’ll be promoting a little of what we do here at the UCC with the main goal of putting a face to our name for those who might not know about us yet!

DID YOU KNOW? – 20% of all Loyola students come to see one of us in therapy before they graduate?

DID YOU KNOW? – Sessions are included in your tuition and there is not session limit?!?

DID YOU KNOW? –That we have a psychologist on staff that provides psychiatric treatment?

DID YOU KNOW? – We test students for ADHD?

DID YOU KNOW? – Our records are kept strictly confidential?

DID YOU KNOW? – Our client satisfaction is through the roof?  Over 90% are satisfied! 

DID YOU KNOW? – We also help coordinate other healthy living initiatives on campus?

DID YOU KNOW? – We are located right above the OR in the Danna Center?

DID YOU KNOW? – We have a 24 hour crisis line available?

DID YOU KNOW? – Your mind has just been blown?  Didn’t think so.

We could keep going all day, but we’ll limit it to these easily digestible bylines.  So stop by and say hello and grab a snack.  Better yet, make an appointment with one of us by calling X3835, catch up on our blog – Care for the Pack, or look out for the upcoming TEAL Dot campaign.

-Logan Williamson, LPC and the rest of the UCC Staff

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