As St. Patrick’s Day weekend approaches, so does the opportunity to experience some of the unique culture and traditions around this holiday in New Orleans. St. Patty’s in the Big Easy is a special time to experience parades that use cabbages and other vegetables as throws in the season that we like to call “post-Mardi Gras.”

Of course, part of St. Patrick’s Day culture also involves the choice to take part in drinking or not.  It is our hope that you, as part of the Wolf Pack, make smart and informed decisions about how you choose to spend the day. Remember our Jesuit value to be men and women with and for others.

Loyola never condones underage drinking; however we also know that there will be some students who choose to drink when under the legal age of 21.  Our most sincere hope is that all our students stay safe this weekend and throughout the year.  Whether or not you are over 21, if you choose to drink it is always important to practice low/moderate drinking both for your health and safety, and for the safety of others.

A few quick tips if you choose to drink:

  • Pace your drinking to 1 drink or less per hour
  • Shy away from shots or drinks with higher alcohol content
  • Sip your drink; don’t chug or slam a drink, especially by playing drinking games
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and potentially prevent a hangover
  • Keep track of your drink and what you are drinking
  • Set a limit and stick to it, keep a count of how much you have had
  • Have friends look out for each other and respect the choice to not drink
  • Use public transportation, Never drink and drive

Earn your time to celebrate in the city by attending the Employ the Pack event scheduled this Saturday. This could be your quick way to add productivity to this fun weekend and feel better about spending time with friends.

However you choose to spend this weekend, please be aware of the potential for negative consequences to arise and know who to go to for help.

If you feel that anyone is in need of help, do not hesitate to get an RA, call LUPD (504-865-3434) or 911.  Making the call is always better than not seeking help at all, but remember: the best way to stay safe is to avoid the emergency in the first place.

We hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day weekend and enjoy this special time in our city.


Adapted from a letter to students written by Rob Kelly, Vice President for Student Affairs at Loyola University Chicago.

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