Being a graduate student in today’s world is far from easy.  Learning to navigate your responsibilities while maintaining balance in your personal and professional life proves challenging for everyone, but bring in the added pressures of licensing exams, your thesis, and fiscal debt and you’ve got some serious obligations to manage.  As a fellow graduate student, I can commiserate all too well with the difficulties faced in the day-to-day life of someone pursuing an advanced degree, and at times it’s a struggle to keep moving forward.  So, if you ever find yourself in a similar position, and have grown tired of Psalm 64’s “Hear my voice, O God, in my complaint,” allow me to share with you my prayer for resilience:

Our Father, who art in Heaven
Please calm my racing mind
And help me (somehow) to complete
This Power Point on time.

Oh and this annotated bib
That was due yesterday?
Please help my prof. to understand
And not dock my grade, I pray.

My coffee mug is running low,
My patience has worn thin.
Lord, give me strength to beat the odds
And finally begin

This paper, and this project, too!
Oh, and that test tomorrow!
Please help me God to get it done,
If you lead, I will follow.

I started out so energized,
So ready to dive in,
But I need your aid to push me through
And make it to the end.

Lord remind me to conduct myself
In a most dignified fashion,
And when I hear my friends complain,
Please bless me with compassion.

Please give me peace and fortitude
When sleep is not an option.
I was wondering if you might know,
Can I put loans up for adoption?

God, please help me to remember
To take time for myself
And not to leave my favorite book
Collecting dust there on the shelf.

To pray or run or bake a cake,
To spend time with my friends.
(My dog’s the only one I’ve seen
Since this program commenced.)

Give me confidence in all my work
And help me to resist
Those times when I begin to think,
“Why did I sign up for this?!”

I know it will be worth it
Once I have my degree,
But until then, I need you Lord
To stand right next to me.

   And, if you find yourself too stressed
Or feeling down and blue,
Stop in here at the UCC –
We’ll make some time for you.

-Emma Cate Pegues, Intern, Grad Student, Dog Owner
University Counseling Center

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