Procrastinating Before Finals?  Click Here!

This is your reminder that working is a better idea than not working.  Read these two tips and then get back to it.  We’re on the count down.

Chunk – Not chunk, or chunk, but chunk!  Putting similar information together to understand them as a concept can help you recall more accurately during test time.  It is the reason we split up phone numbers into (area code) 3#’s-4#’s.  Instead of learning 10 different pieces of info, we look at it as only 3 pieces of information.

State Dependence – Not state, not dependence, but state dependence!  You learn better when you simulate the place and state of your learning environment with where you are tested.  So, try and be rested, fed and happy when you are studying.  Right before a test, try and be rested, fed and happy and you’ll do better.  If you have ADHD and  you study on your medication, make sure you take it before your test too.  Strangely enough, state dependence learning works by studying in the same room as you take the test!

Hope to either see you on Saturday at graduation or next semester!

Logan Williamson, LPC
University Counseling Center

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