Rags to Riches  

Stories of success often start with a hero.  They spin a fascinating tale of destitution or disadvantage that evolves into the hero reaching the very heights of achievement.  In his book Outliers, Maclom Gladwell debunks the myth that the heroes of these stories of success do it on their own, without luck, coincidence, or outside aid.  But as Gladwell clearly states, “Successful people don’t do it alone.  Where they come from matters.  They’re products of particular places and environments.”  Whether you are a freshman just starting, settling into the meat of your major, or staring down graduation – You are from Loyola. 

From Loyola means something special.  It carries the weight of its 101 year history, its reputation within the community and the world, and its purposeful approach to producing students who are, as Gladwell puts it, “products of particular places and environments.”  There are so many ways on campus to get involved and be supported.  This can come from a number of supports on and around campus.  The Care for the Pack Blog is just one of those supports.  You can find it as a break in your day to think about life just slightly different.  You can use it as a way to get to know the counseling staff here at Loyola.  And you can even find it as a source of information about ongoing events on campus.

I would encourage you to lean on the support that the University provides while you write your own rags to riches story.  Bookmark this page and check us out throughout the semester.  Something new is up at least once, if not twice a week.  Thanks for reading!

-Logan Williamson, LPC

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