HEAL INITIATIVE: Smoking Policy & Designated Smoking Areas

Loyola University is committed to being mindful of the health and well-being of the campus community.  Please make note of Loyola’s smoking policy that states that the smoking of cigarettes, cigars, and similar legal substances is permitted only in designated smoking areas on University property.  Smoking areas are designated by “Smoking Area” signs.  Smokers are asked to please use one of these 10 designated smoking areas. The main campus has six smoking areas and the Broadway campus has four. Each is in an accessible location which is distanced in compliance with federal standards of at least 25 feet from entrances and high traffic walkways. These smoking areas, together with clearly marked restrictions around the entrance and exit ways to buildings, will allow those who choose to smoke to do so while protecting the health of nonsmokers.

Please note that the front porch of the Danna Student Center is not a designated smoking area given that smoke enters into the air conditioning ducts and doorway of the Student Health Services clinic.

Your respect of and participation in using the designated smoking areas is expected.


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