Today Loyola hosted the final First in The Pack seminar for the semester, for which I am a mentor and am involved in the program.  First in The Pack is a mentor program geared towards supporting first generation college students providing a space for dialogue on a variety of topics including handling the stress of college, talking to your family who has never been to college, managing registration and reflecting on what it means to be a Loyola student.  I value this program because it is a chance to recognize this silent minority – first generation college students.

I really appreciate the opportunity that Loyola has provided to students – giving ongoing organizational support to its students.  This is program is really indicative of the kind of programming that goes on here.  Passionately led and created by staff who were first generation college students, student supported, and active.

If you are interested in First in the Pack, check it out on Org Sync.  You can sign up to be a mentor or sign up to participate as a first generation student looking for support.

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