One of my top strengths on Strengths Quest is Ideation.  I love it.  I could tell you all of the reasons why, trust me.  After all, that is what ideators can do best!  The problem comes with the list afterwards.  What to do, what to do?

This is an interesting part of the year because there is enough time elapsed between the start of school and now to understand how the year is progressing.  You know what has been working and what has fallen on its face.  You probably even have a good idea of what is ahead. To be incredibly nerdy, statistically speaking, this may not be the median (mid-point) of the semester, but it is probably the mean (average).

Loyola students are great at coming up with this understanding.  They can come up with ideas about how to improve, enhance, streamline and balance their study habits, reading lists, upcoming assignments, social commitments, relationship maintenance, and on and on (please refer to previous ideator statement).  What I would challenge you to do this “mean” in the semester is to pick one thing to improve upon and change that one thing.  Do it today and not tomorrow.  Changes that are worth tomorrow are worth today just as much and you have to start somewhere.

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