Substance Abuse Screenings This Week! (And every week)

You all know the statistics.  If I would write them, you’d skip ‘em.  I know how it goes.  The bottom line is that we all know that college students’ relationship with substances is tricky at best.  More important than any statistic is the question: What is your relationship with substances like?  How does it affect your life?

This week, Loyola’s University Counseling Center is advertising a service that we provide to the students year round – Substance Abuse Screenings.  We want the campus to know that if you have questions, then we can help get answers.  And then we can even help with what to do with those answers.

One life lesson that is assumed that you learn on your own is how to manage putting things in your body that are potentially harmful but can give you immediate gratification (sometimes).  Substance abuse screenings are geared towards those with problems with alcohol and other drugs, but this point also applies to calories, sugar, sunshine, adrenaline, caffeine and this wonderful website.  Sometimes we aren’t so good at learning this lesson.  See: obesity rates, incarceration trends, extreme sports and again this wonderful website.

But just because we are surrounded by McDonald’s, Wifi signals and booze ads doesn’t mean that we are doomed to a life of voracious consumption.  Talking to someone can help and that’s why we are doing this.  Because life is more than the moment and moderation is more reasonable than.  Make an appointment with a counselor at the UCC so that you can take a look at your use with someone who can be a guide rather than a parent.


-University Counseling Staff

**All services are confidential**
Confidentiality at the UCC is defined here.

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