Meet the Counseling Staff:

You may or may not have already taken the Strengths Quest module, but all of us at the UCC have and we’d like to share our thoughts on our “favorite” strengths.

Alicia Bourque, PhD – Director of University Counseling & Health Services: “My #1 strength is Relator!  I find nothing more gratifying, both personally and professionally, than forming and nurturing close bonds with family, friends, and co-workers.  It makes my day to share a meaningful moment with someone that I care about and cherish having in my life.”

Alison Cofrancesco, M.Ed., NCC – Staff Counselor: “Connectedness refers to the tendency to view the world from a larger, interrelated perspective.  I believe that personal growth is an endless process in which we learn about ourselves through interactions with others.  This strength points to a sense of universality in that our choices and actions are intertwined; affecting ourselves as well as others. “

Diana Novek – Office Manager UCC & Career Development: “Developer is my favored strength for sure! I am my best self when I am encouraging and supporting others to pursue their goals and aspirations. In the words of Phil Dunphy from Modern Family, “I’m a cheerleader! I’m the guy on top of the pyramid shouting ‘Go dreams, go!’”

Brooks Zitzmann, LCSW – Staff Counselor: “I love having the combination of Intellection and Achiever as my #1 and #3 strengths. For me, it resonates with the Jesuit notion of being a “contemplative in action.” While my mind is continuously moving and reflecting, I feel myself pulled to operationalize those thoughts into something beneficial for others. As a counselor, this combination allows me to understand my clients and the complexity of their lived experience while fostering movement and change to enhance their wellbeing.

Logan Williamson, LPC – Staff Counselor: “My favorite Strength is a tie.  Being positive is a strength that is recognized most often by my peers and is something that influences how I see the world so much.  On the other hand, there isn’t anything quite like when I connect several seemingly different ideas in my head (ideation) into one unique concept.  It feels like hitting a homerun.”

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