During the week of March 24 – 30, 2014, the Loyola campus community will host our first annual Compassionate Campus initiative.   This program, spearheaded by Loyola’s HEAL (Health Education at Loyola) committee, was inspired by the work of Karen Armstrong and her TED talk on increasing interfaith dialogue through an emphasis on compassion.  Her message touts that living as a compassionate university and acting out compassion happens in small moments, transformative moments and ongoing action.  Thus, the Loyola campus community will be mindful and active in doing and noticing acts of compassion during our Compassionate Campus week.

Beginning on March 24, a large campus map of Loyola will be displayed in the first floor of the Danna Student Center for Loyola students, faculty and staff to place a “pin” on the location where an act of compassion was observed.  A white board will be available to list the acts of compassion.  In addition, Karen Armstrong’s TED talk will be playing in the one loyola room and a poster will be available for individuals to write personal statements of compassion.

The Compassionate Campus initiative has touched people in communities and institutions around the globe.  We are excited to illustrate our Jesuit vision of living by the principle of compassion through this campus event.

-Logan Williamson
Health and Education at Loyola (HEAL) Committee

One Response to Compassionate Campus in the One Loyola Room!

  1. Kathleen O'Gorman says:

    May the compassion to which we give witness and expression extend to all beings!