Spring break is almost here!  For some, it can be an opportunity to take a breather from academic demands and a time to unwind and have fun.  Others might use the time off to study or work on papers in preparation for finals.  However you choose to spend your time off, let me encourage you to take some time to engage in activities that will help to refuel and reenergize your body.  Here are just a few ideas for the upcoming week:

  • Participate in outdoor activities such as biking, swimming or running  (Don’t forget sunscreen!)
  • Reflect on your accomplishments this semester.  You’re almost at the end!  
  • Take time to relax and enjoy yourself by engaging in a self-care activities.
  • Give back to the community by contributing your time to local charitable organizations.
  • Set aside time for studying as well fun.  Life is about balance.

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