Cheers to the…

Cheers to the Camp Counselors. Cheers to the Summer Interns, the Study Abroaders, the Students taking summer classes.  Cheers to Researchers and Summer Jobbers.  Cheers to the Krewe Leaders prepping for another amazing Orientation!

Summer is no time to slow down, kick back and wait.  Summer is a time to recharge, refill and renew through new experiences and challenges.  The Magis tells us to work towards excellence and that does not end after Finals.  Broadening your knowledge while earning course credit or a paycheck can add so much to your college experience.  It can prepare you for your first job out of college or give you needed perspective when you return in the fall.

Summer also allows you to apply what you’ve learned over the course of the school year to these new experiences.  Look to see how your class on child development applies to the children you are working with at camp.  Delve into the marketing that your company does to see how it touches those that use their product or service.  Reflect on how a year’s worth of studying music has changed how you listen, appreciate and play music.  Learning is cemented through application and Summer allows you an undirected chance at this opportunity!

Lastly, cheers to the soon to be graduates!  Your har
d work and dedication of wisely using your summers is about to pay off!  Making those tough choices to expand your knowledge and experience will continue to pay dividends.  So cheers to continuing the journey you’ve been on this year through a productive, enlightening and fun summer!

-Logan Williamson, LPC
University Counseling Center

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