It’s typical for new (and returning) students to miss home around the one month mark of resuming classes.  It’s natural to miss family members, friends, and even pets—those who know you well and provide the comforts of your usual routine.

With time, the adjustment to school will feel easier but in the meantime, here are a few tips to help get you through.

Be creative about making new friends
Talk to people in your classes, in the dining hall, when waiting in line—remember, you are not the only one looking to connect.

Fill your room with pictures of people and places that make you smile.

Get involved
Activities will not only keep you busy but will also introduce you to new people, think about joining clubs, attending a fitness class at the University Sports Complex or volunteering.

Follow your interests
Other students who like music, rugby, or whatever you’re into will help you feel like there is a niche for you.  Accept invitations or ask others to join you.

Appreciate alone time
It can be difficult to find privacy during the semester.  Times to relax or study quietly are healthy.

Reach out for support
Residential life staff, advisors, chaplains, and counselors are all available if you need to talk.

Tell people what it’s like in your hometown and ask about their experiences.  Catch up regularly with loved ones back home and plan some visits.  Remember, your family and friends miss you too!

For more information about Loyola’s University Counseling Center please visit us on the web.

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