7 things you need to know about drinking in college:

1. Not everyone is doing it. While it may seem like everyone is getting wasted, 7 out of 10 college students drink 0-3 drinks when they go out, if they drink at all.
2. You have more fun if you drink less: Want to feel buzzed, not depressed? Peak buzz is reached at Blood Alcohol Content (BAC )s between .02 and .06. Use the Last Call app to keep tabs on your BAC.
3. Use PUBS to remember the signs of alcohol poisoning: Puking (while passed out), Unresponsive to stimulation (pinch or shaking), Breathing (slow, shallow or no breathing), Skin (blue, cold or clammy). Call LUPD immediately at 504.865.3434 if you see even one of these signs!
4. You’re not going to get in trouble for saving a life (your own or someone else’s!): Through Loyola’s Medical Amnesty/Good Samaritan program, students who seek medical assistance for themselves or for another student due to intoxication of are exempt from alcohol/drug policy violations. When in doubt, call LUPD.
5. Mixing meds and drinking makes you more likely to blackout faster: Don’t want to get TEMS? Don’t take ADHD drugs and drink. Don’t mix drinking and drugs in general.
6. Drunk means no: Consent cannot be given if someone is incapacitated. An estimated 90% of college sexual assaults occur under the influence of alcohol.
7. The drinking age is 21: You know it, we know it. Enough said.

Want to know more? Concerned about your drinking? Come to the University Counseling Center to talk to a counselor, or give us a call.

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