What are your resolutions? Working out more? Eating less chocolate? Have you thought about work you might want to do to improve your inner self as well as your outer self? The University Counseling Center is offering several groups and workshops this semester to help.


Learn skills to end procrastination in our Time Management Workshop. Tired of missing deadlines and letting things slip through the cracks? This eight-session workshop series will help you develop strategies to get on top of things and stay on top of them! Most procrastinators know that they want to change this behavior, but have no idea how to change it. We’ll help you understand your reasons for procrastinating, develop strategies to nip procrastination in the bud [hint: different things work for different people], and become more satisfied, productive and efficient. Bonus: Less time procrastinating means more time to do the things you actually enjoy.


Are you ruled by emotion or reason? Do you feel like you make impulsive decisions based on anger or passion that you later regret? Or do you feel that sometimes you are so logical and rational that you are completely cut off from your feelings? If either of these options sounds familiar, consider joining the Emotional Wisdom group. The focus of this group is enhancing your ability to integrate your emotional and rational sides towards achieving emotional wisdom.


If you are interested in joining either (or both!) of these groups, or if you’d like more information, contact Alison Cofrancesco at aacofran@loyno.edu.

The UCC is also offering a Sexual Assault Survivor’s group. Find resolution and healing in a safe space with others who understand what you are going through. Contact Alison for more information.




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