Join us this spring at the University Counseling for the emotional wisdom group! This is an eight week psychoeducational group that focuses on four primary topics (mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation and distress tolerance). All students are welcome to join! Please email Alison Cofrancesco ( for more information.

Core Mindfulness Skills – teaches you to observe yourself and control attention

Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills- gives you tools to express your beliefs, needs, and boundaries while enhancing your relationships.

Emotion Regulation- helps you recognize more clearly what you are feeling and learn to deal with emotions without being overwhelmed. Emotion regulation brings awareness to emotions and triggers for emotions

Distress Tolerance- cultivating skills to both “tolerate” and “down regulate” when need to cope arises in the moment. Distress tolerance skills help to reduce physical and cognitive vulnerability to stress and distress.

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