It’s getting to be that time again; the end of the semester is near and the stress of getting everything done is starting to pile up. How can you begin to actively work towards effectively and appropriately alleviating some of that stress? Experiment with these and see what happens.

  • Be Thankful

“Make a gratitude list” and say “thank you.” When under stress, sit down and make a list of all the things and people you are grateful for. If possible, call or write those you are grateful to and let them know of your gratitude. Don’t forget to listen to their response.

  • Eat Healthy

Eating properly can help reduce stress. It might be cliché to say but we really are what we eat. Therefore, if we take in more junk and fast-food then we are more likely to feel like junk, sluggish, unmotivated, etc. On the other hand, if we take in more healthy food then we are more likely to feel healthier, motivated, proactive, etc.

  • Enjoy the Weather and Be Active

It’s spring time! Enjoy the weather by basking in the sun and soaking up some vitamin D. Be active! Instead of using your energy to stress, choose to use it productively.

  • Find Peace

Meditate. Meditation can be anything that helps you to make genuine contact with the present (reading, exercising, listening to music, dancing, etc.). Use breathing, relaxation and mindfulness skills. Take a walk either solo, with friends, or with pets.

  • Think Positively

Smile. Be able to laugh at yourself. Practice positive self-talk and keep a positive frame of mind. “Always look on the bright side of your life.”

  • Have a Plan

Make a daily realistic schedule and stick with it. Prepare and rehearse a positive way to respond to a particular stressor. Get a healthy amount of quality sleep – neither too much nor too little.

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