Make this a semester of moving forward in a positive direction!  For the spring 2016 semester, the University Counseling Center is offering several group counseling options for students looking to enhance their anxiety management, engage in personal growth, quit smoking, and/or find ways to connect with other students.  Be on the lookout for our full schedule of dates and times to attend an upcoming session at  All services are free and confidential to all Loyola students enrolled for the spring 2016 semester.

Anxiety Management Group

Worried?  Tired?  Irritable or having trouble concentrating?  Then join a member of Loyola’s University Counseling Center team to engage in small group counseling sessions devoted to topics such as:

  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction:  Learn how to focus on the present instead of getting lost in anxiety about the future or regrets about the past. Find ways to attend to your emotions without magnifying problems, or getting lost in criticism and self-judgment.
  • Change Your Thinking to Change Your Mood:  Find out more about your specific thought patterns that cause anxiety and stress, and learn how to change them!
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Meditation:  Take time out of your busy day to truly relax for an hour! A trained counselor will lead you through calming guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation. You will also learn how to do this on your own. At the end of this session, you should feel relaxed, focused and ready to face your challenges.
  • Self-Care and Stress Management:  Ever felt hangry? Too tired to focus? Learn about the behavioral and biological factors that contribute to stress, what you can do improve self-care, and form a plan to implement change.

Anxiety management group meetings will be held at various points during the semester to coincide with the beginning of the semester, midterms, and finals.  There is no obligation to attend all sessions.  Walk-ins welcome!

Sexual Assault Survivors

Support, counseling, and hope for adult survivors of sexual violence are offered to Loyola students through weekly group sessions with a counselor from the University Counseling Center.    For more information about the Sexual Assault Survivors group, please call the UCC at 504.865.3835 or visit our website at

Smoking Cessation

Loyola has been tobacco free since August 2015 and cessation group services are being offered to Loyola students to assist with maintaining our commitment to your health.  This seven week program will address the risks of tobacco use and will support cessation efforts by providing evidence-based strategies.  The time to quit is now! For more information about the smoking cessation group, please call the UCC at 504.865.3835 or visit our website at

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