Here’s to a fun and safe Mardi Gras season!


Don’t be shy! Make sure to carry your state, Loyola ID, and debit/credit cards with you at all times.



CHEERS! But drink safely. The legal drinking age is 21. Set a reasonable limit for yourself and stick to it. If you leave your drink unattended at any time just toss it. And please don’t carry glass containers.




Chill out. Stay hydrated and bring snacks. Keep an eye out for restrooms, as they can be difficult to find.




Respect the NOPD. They are working overtime and are deserving of your cooperation and compliance. It is very easy to get arrested for being overly intoxicated or obnoxious. Do not touch the police horses.




Drive safe, or not at all. Pre-program United Cab Company’s number in your phone: (504) 522-9771 or download/use Uber.



And don’t forget Loyola’s MEDICAL AMNESTY + GOOD SAMARITAN POLICY: Loyola University encourages students/student organizations to help others by calling for medical assistance in instances of excessive alcohol and/or drug use. You can seek medical attention for yourself or for someone else without fear of disciplinary actions.

Call LUPD at 504-865-3434 to get help! You will not get in trouble for saving someone’s life!


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