End of Semester Semester Self Care

As told by the Cast of Parks and Rec

As the end of the semester approaches, it is hard to stay focused on school and not to become overwhelmed. But sometimes while trying to keep up with class, work, clubs, activities, sports and relationships, you forget that you need to take time for yourself. Self-care is very important to not only managing the hectic pace of college, but is also a life skill for the future. Here are some tips to help you improve in self-care this semester.


Mental Health professionals have been using coloring as a technique to combat anxiety for years, but in the last few months Adult Coloring has really taken off! By coloring, you help your brain be present in the moment, as it focuses on the task at hand and not on the future. Supplies for coloring can be found in the book store.

Clean it Up

Sometimes clutter can feel overwhelming, especially in the room where you sleep. Take some time out of your day to tidy up. By simply making your bed, you can feel more in control of your day.  Find a specific place to keep important documents and papers and make sure you school bag is clear of clutter.



Exercise is a great way to break up your routine, especially if you change up your normal gym regiment. New Orleans offers a multitude of different options for reduced or free  classes ranging from yoga to kick-boxing. Click Here for a more detailed list. Also check out the Rec Center for FREE classes and intramural teams.

Get Some Grub

Let’s be honest, is there a better city to go out and eat than New Orleans? The city has great options for free food all over, ranging from vegetarian to BBQ. Treat yourself after a big test or hard week (or no particular reason at all) and go out and try a new, delicious food!

Hit the Snooze Button

Sleep is so important! If you feel that you are not getting enough sleep at night, schedule time during the day to take a nap. Even a few minutes of rest can help with energy and focus.

It’s Ok to Say No

Being overwhelmed by promises and obligations you made to others is difficult. You don’t want to disappoint others, but you can end up burning yourself out by being too available. Remember to take time for yourself, and remind yourself it’s ok to say no to someone.

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