Anxiety and stress can be a normal part of everyday life. Anxiety looks and feels different in each individual person. Some symptoms of anxiety can include: restlessness, trouble sleeping, headaches, stomach issues, irritability, panic attacks, and difficulty focusing.

College can be a particularly stressful time and it is crucial to take care of yourself and recognize when you are feeling anxious.

The University Counseling Center offers many resources for anxiety. If you are feeling overwhelmed feel free to call the office at (504)865-3835 to make an individual appointment.

Another free and confidential resource offered by the UCC include the Anxiety Management Workshops. These skill-building workshops are offered on Tuesdays from 12:30-1:30pm in the Student Success Center (Marquette 112). Topics that will be covered will include Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, Rewiring Your Anxious Brain, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Self-Care & Stress Management.

According to students who participated last year, 85% reported a reduction in overall anxiety after one workshop. Prior to attending to workshop, 85% of students reported being “somewhat to overwhelmingly anxious” and after the workshop 77% of students reported being “a little bit anxious or not anxious at all”.

So come and check out the Anxiety Management Workshops! And in the mean-time…


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