Welcome back to campus for the spring 2017 semester!  I just love the start of a new year to set new habits, explore new horizons, and make progress toward new goals.  In this line of thinking, you might want to consider joining a group at the UCC.  Group counseling can be a supplement to individual counseling or it can be an alternative option to individual counseling.  This spring, the UCC is offering the following—

  • Anxiety Management Workshops
    • Every Tuesday, starting January 31, 12:30-1:30pm, Student Success Center (Marquette 112)
    • Workshop descriptions:
      • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction
      • Rewiring Your Anxious Brain
      • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
      • Self-Care & Stress Management
  • Sexual Assault Survivors Group
  • Grief Processing group

For more information about group counseling in general or any of the groups above, please call the UCC at (504) 865-3835 or visit our website at http://studentaffairs.loyno.edu/counseling.

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