The pressure to “look” right can become overwhelming. Being constantly worried about if you look good, if you’re too skinny, too fat if society accepts your body, is exhausting. Why do we want to be in someone else’s body? What about our own body can we not love? The National Eating Disorder Association reports that 20 million women and 10 million men in the United States suffer from an eating disorder at some time in their life. People of color and LGBTQIA+ people are at a higher risk of developing an eating disorder.
On February 6th, Loyola will begin a week-long celebration and journey about loving your body. We strive to celebrate ALL bodies at Loyola; bodies of all colors, sexes, religions, orientations and shapes. Every individual on this campus is beautiful and unique, which is what makes Loyola New Orleans so special.
Special events will be held all over campus from February 6th-10th to engage the Loyno community in loving and celebration our bodies! Post a selfie and use the hashtag #mybodyis to show your love and support for your body and the bodies of your peers. As Lady Gaga says, “We were born this way” and we should celebrate that!

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