At some point in your academic career, you are likely to experience test anxiety. Below are some tips for reducing feelings of panic and anxiety and improving your testing performance:

Dealing with the Fear Response:
It’s normal to connect a feeling of fear with an event. To deal with your fear, sometimes it helps to practice being in the testing situation.

  1. Practice your relaxed breathing.
  2. Make a list of three events that cause fear when you are taking a test and then rank these events from what causes the most fear down to what causes the least fear.
  3. Practice relaxed breathing.
  4. Imagine event #3. If you feel fearful, turn off the mental picture and go back to breathing.
  5. Once you’ve successfully pictured Event #3 without panic, move on to the next item.

By repeatedly putting yourself in the testing position and experiencing a comfortable feeling, you are desensitizing yourself to those bad feelings.

10 Test Taking Tips

General :

  • Mark and return to more difficult questions. Don’t waste time and increase your anxiety.
  • Allow more time for questions worth more points
  • Break down difficult questions into manageable parts and rephrase them in your own words.

Multiple Choice:

  • Beware of absolute terms (e.g., always, never, every).
  • Eliminate obviously wrong choices, then eliminate implausible or unlikely choices


  • Start with the easiest question. Be sure to get those points.
  • Briefly outline the major points you want to discuss before writing your essay.
  • Use facts and specific examples to support your answers.


  • Try substituting one of the middle range responses for the unknown in the problem.
  • Simple numbers can sometimes be substituted for more complex ones to give an indication of a “ballpark” answer

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