April is Sexual Assault awareness month. According to the United Stated Department of Justice, one out of every four female undergraduates nationwide will experience some form of sexual assault before graduation. Loyola New Orleans maintains a strong commitment to ending sexual assault, and to supporting those affected by sexual assault. The UCC wants you to know that we are here for you. Below is list of resources that we provide:

Counselor On-Call: a trained mental health professional is on-call 24/7, 365. Simply call the UCC at 504.865.3835 and request to speak with the counselor on-call. If it’s after business hours, listen to the message, and press 1 after the prompt.

Survivor Supportive Services Coordinator (SSSC): The SSSC provides guidance and assistance for survivors of sexual assault. For example, the SSSC may assist with access to services such as but not limited to forensic exams, medical care, and support services both on campus and in the community. The SSSC acts only as support in a time of crisis – they never make decisions or report the assault on behalf of the survivor.  Call  504.865.3835 to schedule an appointment with the SSSC.

Sexual Assault Support Group: This group meets Tuesdays at 12:30 at the UCC. It’s a safe space to connect reflect, and heal. To join the group, contact Rachel Ziko, LMSW.

Sexual Assault Response Training: Sexual Assault Response Training is a new initiative to help Loyola students, faculty, and staff end sexual assault. There are three modules, each with a specific focus. Compassionate Responder training teaches you how to respond when a survivor discloses an assault and to connect them with resources. Active Upstander training provides practical guidance on ways to intervene to prevent sexual assault. Change Agent training addresses ways to change rape culture and societal norms that condone sexual violence. To request a training, contact Laura Dickinson at 504.865.3835.

Individual Counseling: The UCC offers free confidential mental health counseling to all currently enrolled students. We are also available to consult if you are concerned about a friend. Call 504.865.3835 to schedule an appointment.

For more information about any of the services above, or for resources in the community, please go to our website, or contact Laura Dickinson at 504.865.3835.


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