There seems to be confusion among both Loyola and Tulane students with regards to eating on both campuses so I wanted to clearly explain the purpose of Uptown Campus Dining.

UPTOWN CAMPUS DINING is a partnership between Loyola University and Tulane University created to provide convenience to students, faculty and staff. UPTOWN CAMPUS DINING allows any person with a Loyola or Tulane ID AS WELL AS a declining balance meal plan (wolf bucks, wave bucks, pelican dollars and green bucks) the opportunity to eat on either campus thus giving variety and excitement to daily meals. UPTOWN CAMPUS DINING can be used at most locations on both campuses, but for your expediency we have listed the operations on our website at Full menus are listed so the participant can see exactly what each university offers.  Sodexo and both universities have worked hard to design a dining program guaranteed to meet your individual needs.

Loyola students seem to be upset because this semester there is an influx of Tulane students in the Orleans Room.  Even though it is hard to understand it is VERY important that the Tulane students come to Loyola and eat in the OR and our retail areas because with out the participation of Tulane the program is not viable and will be terminated.  For some statistics… Last year 6-8000 Loyola students ate at Tulane every week, while only 50 Tulane students ate at Loyola.  To keep Uptown Campus Dining a strong program it was important to increase the number of Tulane students visiting Loyola.

This year approximately 1000 students visit Loyola weekly to eat at our facilities while about 6-8000 Loyola students visit Tulane.  The numbers still aren’t even but they are better than last year.  The universities want to work as partners and as dining services on Loyola’s campus evolves and more variety occurs, I believe the students will be happy with all the choices on both campuses. 

Lastly, this year the Orleans Room seats approximately 400 students which is an increase of 150 over last year’s capacity.  This as well as expanding hours of operation should help the diffuse the crowding of the Loyola dining areas. Dining has also created O.R. To Go, which is a program designed for Loyola students on the go who still want to use their meal swipes. Because of the crowds, we are now offering O.R. To Go in Satchmo’s. This should increase the speed and service of the program.

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  1. Aaron says:


    Great post. Uptown Campus Dining is a terrific program, and it is great to see that a substantial number of Tulane students are using our services, especially since we use theirs so much. I agree that Tulane’s participation is essential.

    While I realize that little can be done about seating, I think one of the main frustrations are the very long lines that occur outside the Orleans Room during mealtimes. I have a suggestion: In the LBC, there are registers that are specifically designated for Loyola students to use. While I realize the buildings are set up different, it seems like one good idea would be to set up a Loyola only entrance to the OR. While Tulane students should be welcomed, it is primarily the cafeteria designed to serve Loyola.