With January past the mid-mark… I’m wondering, how many of you have kept your new year’s resolution? Now that we are all back and settled, it is time to re-focus, well at least for me, and to realize what is actually achievable.

Dining Services, due to many requests, has decided to start a new station in the Orleans Room called “Well Balanced Choice”.  This program is our departments resolution – to offer the Loyola community well balanced meals that are healthy and nutritious – as well as UNDER 500 calories per serving.  Look out for the meal because it will rotate among the many stations to offer as much variety as possible.   Changing your eating lifestyle is difficult, especially if there is no variety!

The new program will begin January 25th and as always, visit our website www.loyno.edu/dining for other tools and tips about health and wellness. This can be found by clicking the section titled “Eat Well” – Balance Mind Body and Soul.

Happy New Year -

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