Pan Perdu!

Hope You Made It to Mass and Pancakes!

It’s finals time, but did you know what other time it was? Mass and Pancakes! A Loyola tradition co-programmed between Co-Curricular, Residential Life, and University Ministry done right before finals at the end of each semester that you did not want to miss out on! If you did, well, that’s okay. There will be another one at the end of Spring semester. This year it was held on December 11th with Mass starting at 9pm then “Pancakes” in the OR at 10pm.
I put pancakes in quotes because there is a secret to Mass and Pancakes. A few years back, Mass and Pancakes had pancakes, but switched to Pan Perdu, which is French for French toast, because it was easier to make and keep warmer than pancakes. However, Mass and Pancakes is such a staple on campus that they did not change the name. Besides, Mass and Pancakes rolls off the tongue better than Mass and French toast, right?
Each year this event gets a theme and this year the theme was Western. Ya-Hoo! The music for Mass had a western flair to it, but in the OR we had a western party! We had some prizes handed out by several folks wearing cowboy hats and yours truly was wearing a big sheriff’s hat while taking pictures. I can tell you that even though there are no pancakes, Dining Services knows how to make Pan Perdu. Last semester, mine were drowned in strawberries and powdered sugar and might I say, they were the best yet. I hoped they would wow me again and they did! This time I only had syrup and powdered sugar, but let me tell you, Mass and Pancakes this semester was awesome.

Here are some pictures from this semester’s Mass and Pancakes event!

Who wants some French Toast!?


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