Guess what? It’s St. Patrick’s Day soon! But what’s the deal with this cultural and religious holiday coming from Ireland? Believe it or not, more parading and a relief to your Lenten constraints!

Every year on the 17th of March, people all over the world celebrate this Irish holiday commemorating St. Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Northern Ireland by wearing green attire and attending church services. The many traditions used to celebrate this holy day are seen all over the world, but do you know why the shamrock is a symbol for this holiday or why you wear green? A few little nuggets of knowledge: St. Patrick used the shamrock, the three-leafed one, to explain the Holy Trinity. Thus, the shamrock is an essential part of St. Patrick’s Day. Originally, blue was the color for St. Patrick’s Day, but during a rebellion, Irish soldiers wore green to make a political statement to grab public attention.

How does this relate to Lent and food? Well, how many of you are giving up the eating and drinking of something? This is the one day during Lent that those restrictions are uplifted for optimal celebration. And of course, when it’s time to celebrate, New Orleans knows how to party with . . . a parade!
Ever since 1737 when Irish immigrants came to North America, it’s been a true green festival every March 17th. Do you remember catching the coveted Muses shoes or Zulu coconuts? The St. Patrick’s Day parade has a unique couple of throws itself. It’s food! This Saturday, be sure to wear green and try to catch: potatoes, carrots, onions, lucky charms, moon pies, and the biggie… cabbage! Don’t worry, though. Beads are thrown, as well as underwear. Yes, I said underwear. Hey, they need to stand out somehow.

If you would like more information on St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans, visit for more detailed information. See you at the parade!


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