Coming Soon….

The other day I was in the Dining Services offices and we got started talking about some new options coming soon. Ever since then I have been thinking . . . green. No, not the color, but being green! Nowadays people are all about preserving the environment, recycling and bettering Planet Earth for the future and everyone here in Dining has been thinking the exact same thing. With that being said, I am pleased to announce that The Market will soon have two new brands of products available for purchase: Kiss My Face and Preserve.

Thirty years ago in New York on a 200-acre farm, two young men, Bob Macleod and Steve Byckiewicz, came up with the an idea that now has over 200 products sold in 19 countries worldwide! These guys came up with the idea of using nature’s own organic and natural materials to make products for: hair, face, mouth, body, soaps and so much more. I looked at their website ( and I must say that I am pretty impressed and excited for their products to be coming to Loyola University! While I do wish that we could hold all their products, we will only have toothpaste, lip balm and shave creams to try first. However, you can order deodorant, face care products and all their other products online!

Do you remember that yogurt cup you threw away the other day? Well, our next new vendor has this saying: “Nothing wasted. Everything gained.” Preserve uses plastics made from oil or natural gas, like that yogurt cup you threw out, to make personal care, tableware and even kitchenware out of these plastics that we are constantly throwing away. It’s recycling to the next level.  It was in 1996 that the president and founder, Eric Hudson thought about how recyclables were not necessarily being recycled into new products. With that concern and some willpower Hudson came up with the idea for Preserve, but with a few dentists, scientists and engineers, Hudson was able to create the first Preserve product: The toothbrush. From there came many more ideas, like razorblades, food storage containers, cutting boards, plates and so on. Now we won’t be selling tableware or kitchenware, but we will be selling toothbrushes and razorblades from their personal care line. As always, you can order their products online at

It’s going to be exciting getting some new, but I guess you could also say renewed, items that will help the environment and ultimately Planet Earth! Be on the lookout for these new items appearing  in The Market.

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