Have you ever wondered where all the parts of the fruits and vegetables at the Salad station and Vegan/Gluten-Free station that we do not consume go? This year the Orleans Room received some special bins from a group called Nola Green Roots. They approached Dining Services and asked us to use their bins to put our raw waste loyof excess fruit and vegetables in. Once we give the compost to Nola Green Roots, they use it for their community gardens that teach youth, low-income residents, and senior citizens how to grow a garden so that they may have access to produce at a lower cost. Through these gardens, Nola Green Roots brings a sense of community and helps keep people connected with the environment. If you are looking to help out, check out their website at http://nolagreenroots.com/ for more information. You can volunteer and also get some FREE fruits and veggies from them!

Loyola Dining Services is always happy to help the environment and our local communities. We are proud to say that we contributed over three tons of compost to Nola Green Roots! If you have a suggestion to help us Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, give us a tweet @UptownCamDining or message us on Facebook at Uptown Campus Dining.

Here is  the Orleans Room’s  main composting man, Chuck, with one of the Nola Green Roots bins.

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